Gordon Jones





4/5/1911 , Alden,Iowa



Birth Name



Gordon Jones is an American actor who portrayed a wide variety of characters, which included everything from superhero to villain and comedic sidekick to soldier. Gordon was born on April 5, 1911 in Alden, Iowa and attended the local public schools where he excelled as both a student and an athlete. After graduation, he attended UCLA where he continued on with his football career and even played professional football for a few years after college. Due to his good looks and athletic build, Gordon's friend suggested he try acting and he found that not only did he like acting but he was a natural. By 1937, he earned a contract with RKO and played in several movies including "I Take This Oath," "Flying Tigers" and his most famous movie "The Green Hornet" where he played Britt Reid. Gordon was then forced to take a break from acting, as he was drafted into action during World War II. After the war, her returned to acting and played in several comedies, such as "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and Abbott and Costello's "The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap." He played in several movies with Roy Rodgers including "Trigger J," "Sunset in the West" and "Heart of the Rockies." Throughout the 1950s and early 1960s, Gordon had a reoccurring role in a couple of television series, such as Mike the Cop in "The Abbott and Costello Show" and Butch Barton in "The Adventures of Ozzy and Harriet." He also guest starred in dozen of TV shows including "Maverick," "Perry Mason," "Gunsmoke" and "The Real McCoys." Gordon's final role was in John Wayne's western, "McLintock" where he played Matt Douglas. Shortly after making this film, Gordon died of a heart attack on June 20, 1963 in Tarzana, California.