Gordon Michael Woolvett





6/12/1970 , Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Gordon Michael Woolvett




Gordon Michael Woolvett was born on June 12, 1970 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He has been an actor since the age of 12, attending the Theatre Aquarius.

In the early 90's, Gord was a host of YTV's Video and Arcade Top 10, which was basically a weekly half-hour long commercial for Nintendo video game systems. Through mid 90's, he was also known to Canadian children as "PJ Gord" on YTV, the Canadian equivalent of Nickelodeon. Canadian broadcasters are only allowed to devote about half as much time per hour to commercials during children's programming as American broadcasters are allowed, so, to fill the gaps between programs during the daytime, YTV has hosts.

In the late 90's he landed a leading role on the Sci-Fi Chanel series Deepwater Black. Unfortunately the series was canceled after only one season. After that he joined the cast of Andromeda for five seasons as the ships engineer Harper.