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    In the early 90's, Gord was a host of YTV's Video and Arcade Top 10, which was basically a weekly half-hour long commercial for Nintendo video game systems. In the summer of 1992, his future Andromeda co-star, Lexa Doig, was (briefly) also a host for the movie and music segments.

    During the early through mid 90's, he was also known to Canadian children (and Sailor Moon watching adult slackers) as "PJ Gord" on YTV, the Canadian equivalent of Nickelodeon. Canadian broadcasters are only allowed to devote about half as much time per hour to commercials during children's programming as American broadcasters are allowed, so, to fill the gaps between programmes during the daytime, YTV has hosts. Gord most often did the Noon to 2:30 pm shift, though he sometimes filled in for other PJs.

    Laura Bertram played his girlfriend on Mission Genesis (Deepwater Black) and went on to work on Andromeda with him. His brother, Jaime Woolvett, did an episode of 'Kung Fu' with him. Began acting at age 12, attending the Theatre Aquarius. Was nominated for a Gemini award for his role of a cancer patient in the television movie Princes in Exile. Was a PJ (Program Jockey) on YTV (Youth Television) in Ontario for a few years in the station's formative years. After stint on YTV, he lost a bit of weight before moving on to more important roles in movies and TV.