Gordon Mitchell





2/22/1932 , Hackensack, New Jersey, USA



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Gordon Mitchell, born Charles Allen Pendleton in Denver, Colorado, on July 29, 1923, is an American body-builder and actor known for his perfectly-built physique. He served in the U.S. Military during World War II and Korean War as an enlisted soldier. When he returned after WWII, he went to college and eventually became a teacher and guidance counselor who worked with delinquent students. Gordon found extra work in movies such as The Ten Commandments (1956) and Li's Abner (1959), and also became part of Mae West's nightclub acts. In 1961, following the success of actor Steve Reeve's in Europe, Gordon migrated to Italy with other American body-builder actors who appeared in several peplum and spaghetti western films. In the late 60s the "muscleman" genre in movies had already faded away, but his own core of fans helped him accomplish more than a hundred movies more during his career. After his retirement, Gordon Mitchell came back to the United States and made occasional appearances in movies in the 80s including John Gale's Commando Invasion and SFX Retaliator until his death in 2003.