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  • Are you kidding me???????

    I don't under stand where these people come from. They all have major egos that they all think that they are all the best chefs in the world. Most of them look and act like they have never been in a kitchen before. Some of these people I think have made up there positions. Some are Head Chefs, some say the are Executive Chefs. some say they have worked in a kitchen all their. I do not that any of these people have really worked in a kitchen when they cannot cook the same dish twice. Some of these people when they work alone can put out some wonderful dishes but when put in the kitchen with others they are like a deer in headlights. None of these people are anywhere qualified to work at a fast food place much less run a high end restaurant. These are the dumbest people I have seen. I think that they all should be thrown off the show for incompetent. They are all mouth and ego. I wonder do any of these people last in the jobs that they have run or do they go there show how incompetent they are and are fired fast. I still like watching the show but all of this gets to every new season. No wonder Gordon Ramsey has a temper with all of the constant and continues mistakes.
  • What the heck were you thinking?:

    Where in the world did you all think that Claudia was a better chef than Derek, have you lost your minds? During the whole competition Derek proved he was a better chef and had the leadership. At the final night he out did Claudia every way possible. When Gordon called out Claudia's name as the winner I was floored. But then again I kinda expected it, I think you played on the fact she was Mexican and a woman, I think you wanted to show that a minority could win. What a joke, being from Oklahoma and Texas let me assure you that any little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant serves the same food she did, but then again you judges are not use to little whole in the walls, you are just use to fine dining and can't think outside your comfort zone. Shame on all of you, I loved this show, but I will not be watching it anymore after the way you all cheated Derek out of the win. Did it occur to the three of you that maybe, just maybe Derek too was trying to better his life, some people don't discuss their private lives on national television. Oh yes Claudia wanted to start a life for her daughter, her family and herself so let's all pile to America and do it, let's all leave Mexico come to America with an attitude of "I'm Mexican, and I want to take everything America has because I'm entitled to it". Like I said will not be watching your show another think if Joe had been there things would have been different.
  • Greeting from Mongolia

    Here is Oldman, wants to start Autre Asoda, in UB Mongolia. La cuisine makes me happy while watching smiles and feeling happiness. My favorites for side diches are tomato, cucumber, cabbage spiced with garlic, onion, black pepper and coloured with spinach, sweet peppers. I need your help here. Respectfully yours, Oldman.
  • A Chef I Repect

    This man owns several restaurants that have a total of 14 Michelin stars and held a total of 15. He was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2006 and was inducted in the Culinary Hall of Fame in 2013.

  • Kitchen Nightmares

    This is just a request. If possible, I would like to watch any of the "after show" of one of the restaurants which Chef Gordon Ramsay helped to regain their "failing restaurant" such as Anna Vincenzo Restaurant or any restaurants which he helped. What's their status as of this moment after how many months/years he offered his help.

    Hoping that this small request be granted ang I would like to see it in his show. thank you very much.

  • Bark bigger then his bite.

    I like him a lot. Really a nice guy in REAL life.
  • Gordon Ramsays Shows are racist

    Why is it always only 1 or 2 black people on his shows,and they always get eliminated over something stupid.there is no way that felix is a better cook than josh on masterchef but for some reason felix didnt have to do the pressure test.Im never watching another gordon ramsay show again Hes a Racist Fuck just like Fox TV.
  • GORDON RAMSAY might be a good chef, but I can't get by the jerk to even remember one of his dishes. He is in the same class as the Bounty Hunter. He has zero people skills, if someone approach me with his attitude, they'd better be ready to fight.

    I've watched the show a few times but won't waste another minute on it. I enjoy cooking and watch a variety of shows on the subject, i can't think of one recipe or skill that I have or would want to aquire from Gordon Ramsay. It's likely all an act, but how someone could consider this childish bully to be entertaining, I have no idea. It amazes me that someone who shows so little respect to other people isn't forced to wear sunglasses to hide his black eyes. It's the last point that makes me believe Gordon is an actor, nobody can be that much of an a**hole.
  • I feel Gordan is one of finest young chefs to come along. He is an exciting talent that we've needed since the loss of Julia and the retirement of Jacquales Pepin. His shows are new, different and exciting. I look forward to more.

    Gordan is a character within himself. He has an attitude that makes him the boss and everyone knows it. He has the power to carry this every show where most chefs could not. His ability to show real fear and then celabrate the finished product as if there had been no problems along the way to success is amazing.
    I know not what Gordan is paid but he is worth every cent of it and probably more. Of course without him his shows would be out of business immediately because he is the show. But he is one of the few actors on television that i feel is getting paid at least what he is worth no matter what it is.
    Gordon seems like a good man. I feel I would enjoy having him as a friend. Not many actors or acteress would I let that happen to me.
  • funny....

    Gordon Ramsey is probably best known, in the US, as the host of Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. He is halarious. He's a really talented chef and he knows what he's talking about. The thing that makes him so entertaining is his attitude and his accent. He screams curse words and a lot of british sayings and it's just funny. Other than being funny, he is a great chef and he is talented. He is not always mean and he really brings the best out of his chefs. Overall, great host, halarious guy, great chef, and I can't wait to see Kitchen Nightmares.
  • Chef Ramsey - I have never met anyone like you before and you are one outstanding ovation [clapping] from me and I bow to you and highly respect you as well.

    Now what I really want to say is this. Im not sure if you got the same emails as the other fans when they found out abut your decision. Hey, I respect you and your show; what I dont get is this - how come you didnt kick Jen off from your kitchen and kept Bobby? Do you plan to have an agenda for Jen or do you have something up your sleeve that you plan to do for Jen? The whole team didnt want her there at all because she lack energy, spirits, no communications, and in fact she's eating food right there under your nose and Bobby caught her. I was stunned when Jen did that. She does not have what it takes to be the next 'Hell Kitchen' or under you. Im sorry but she does not!! I vote her the bottom 1 or below while the others are doing their best. Chef Ramsey, Im very impressed with your high tolerance of Jen's proformance. Instead of having an anger or meltdown, just do what you always do - get out of my kitchen and go home. Dont worry, I still watch your show because I love it. It always motivate me to watch who mess up, who's good, or give compliments while the other chef is behind on the cooking.
  • A great chef.

    Chef Gordon Ramsay is a great chef and I really look up to him. I would love to eat in his restaurant some day, I may not be a gourmet, but I do love food. I would love to learn more about cooking from him, especially when I'm only good at baking, but, to be honest, his short temper really scares me. Sometimes I wonder how does it feel like to be scrolled by him one day and to see a kind and happy "version" of him the next day. Maybe his short temper is what made him a great chef, who knows, everyone has their own way of working.
  • Ramsay is multi-talented foul-mouthed chef that can educate, infuriate and excoraite.

    Gordon Ramsay can be infuriating; swearing, yelling and screaming his way into your heart. I'm not sure what it is about him, but I must watch every show he has on! On his BBCA production (Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares) you can see his softer side as he strives to help people keep their businesses afloat. On the American side, he does the same but with a bit more abrasiveness that has made him famous. In the end, his passion for food and well run establishments shines through. Gordon has many DVDs out that teach you about food as well as cookbooks descibing his love of fresh, local food. I have no idea how he does it all; the man must be away from home 90% of the time, but I personally love seeing him all over my small screen!
  • Excellant Chef!!

    Gordon Ramsay: you either love him or hate him! Personally I love Gordon Ramsay to the max, i love his show 'The F word' it's a great seris with excellant recipes. some of them are so simple i try them my self, i really want to try the recipe using snails and i want to use my own garden ones like he did. The only problem i have with him is the amount of swearing, but some times when he swears it comes out comical and makes me laugh. I love how through each seris he shows how he uses his meat, when he grows it from birth, makes it live in his garden teachs the country and his own kids how to look after them and then what is invovled with the slaughter and how he likes to cook it afterwards. (Lambs, turkeys, pigs) I also like how he uses different celebrities on his show and then uses people from the resturant to decide whos cooking is better (his of the celebs) i would love to eat in his resturant one night when he was cooking, brought all of his cook books and use them often. I would reccomend you watch him if you're interested in food!
  • This man is my role model.

    This man may be angry all the time but he is my role model he is one of the greats. He is the best chief and he is my all time hero. His show is phenomenal I watch it every Monday its great. I love his show and I love how he runs his kitchen. I also like how this man gets respect. He is my favorite chef he is my all time role model and I love all of his shows. I love how only on this show hes mean on all of his others he more calm and nice.
  • if I were on the show I would want to punch him in the throat, but watching it he cracks me up.

    I think last season he was even funnier than the season before. He was still gruff and arrogant and all of his usual traits, but he seemed more light hearted in his yelling if that makes sense. I think Hell's Kitchen would be stupid if he wasn't the chef on there, he really does make the show, almost more than the contestants. He is crazy but in a good way, I'm just surprised nobody has cursed him out really, some people have talked back but I'm surprised nobody has just gone off or tried to fight him. I think he is bigger than he looks might be part of it. He is very entertaining to watch.
  • I love to watch Hell's Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay. He is fantastic. He likes everything perfect and wants his students to reach for perfection. When is the next Hell's Kitchen show?

    Hell's Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay is one of the best reality shows to hit the television screen. Gordon Ramsay is fantastic and is a perfectionist. The program shows the strict teacher he is, but also shows the softer side of the chef. If I were a student chef under chef Ramsay, I would be so fortunate. The knowledge and experience the student chef would learn would be invaluable. What I think would be a good idea during his show, would be watching chef Ramsay cook. We could learn so much from him. There is something in his personality that he sends to us TV watchers, which makes me want to sign up for any cooking course he would teach.
    When is the next Hell's Kitchen series?
  • Scary

    I would never want to meet him one on noe because he scares me and I would hide in a corner or under my bed when he yells. But I love watching him terrify his reality show contestants becuase it makes me happy. I always thought Simion was bad, but once I saw Hells kitchen Simoin looks like a little british angle. Cheif Ramsey should have his own cooking show on after Jay Leno where he cooks and interviews people and he could have audience members bring food and he could review it and tell them how terrible or good it was. Even though he is extermly scary I like his show.
  • Highly talented chef, and knows how to get his point across.

    Im sorry to have to classify this as something unrelated to food, but i just had to get it out of my system. Because lets face it, being sixteen and finding Gordon Ramsey attractive is deeply worrying, no offence meant. Surely I should be turning my attentions towards Orlando Bloom or some other, similar, pretty boy movie star? But no, im afraid that this is not the case.
    Which is why, on a Wednesday night, having no previous interest in food apart from the eating part whatsoever, I am glued to the F Word.
    I am increasingly shocked to discover, that now I am tuning in, not for the ruggedly handsome presenter, but for the actual food tips and information given. If I thought I could do it, I would now willingly try out any recipe of his and enjoy cooking it, whereas before any meal I had attempted had been a culinary disaster.
    No other chef has the same charisma and passion that comes across when I watch Gordon in the kitchen. And even though he\'s not worlds politest TV star, he\'s still likeable and people still tune in. So if you\'re a person who has turned off The F Word, when you heard the renowned swearing, turn it back on, because we\'ve all heard it before so don\'t pretend you\'re horrified and shocked. because you\'re not. Get over it and listen to what he\'s saying that\'s related to food. Because it makes sense.
    He alone, because believe me I have never watched another cooking programme in my life, has brought me round to the idea of cooking for myself and other people-and has actually got me to the point where I am considering trying it myself. Now thats a big leap. So Gordon Ramsey, shake my virtual hand. Well done that man!
  • Makes Simon Cowell look like a boy scout

    I think that if Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsay went
    Head to head, I think Gordon would drop Simon like
    A ton of bricks. He makes the American Idol judge look
    Like he is a boy scout. Even though Gordon can come off
    As a jerk and at times you want to sock him really badly
    You know he knows what he is doing as well as know how to make a restaurant run.
  • Gordan Ramsey is well put. He Knows what it takes to operate a 5 star Resturant and make money. He has his way, it works but it will only be done his way. Excellant show

    Not too original It has shades of other top shows, but Ramsey's style, albeit rather crass at times, is what makes the show a success. He is one of a kind and I enjoy watching him. He does not teach you how to cook, he teaches you to be at at your best at what you want your dreams to be. He also teaches you the ins and outs of cooking, owning and running a 5 Star, fine dining establishment. When a contestant does well, he rewards them, when they do less than what he is expecting, not meeting their potential, he makes them work harder to acheive their goals. If and when the show airs next season I will be there to watch.