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  • Trivia

    • Gordon was born just three days before model-actress Alison Doody ("Jenny Flex" in A View To A Kill)...in the same month of the same year, and on the same continent. However, Doody is Irish whereas Ramsay is a Scot.

    • Gordon is the youngest Scot to be featured in the Top 100 Wealthiest People Vocational Rich List; the list celebrates people who have made their fortune through on-the-job training.

    • Gordon is left handed.

    • In September 2006, Gordon's restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay reopened following a major refurbishment. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay retained its number one position as the country's top gastronomic experience in the 2007 Hardens Guide, as well as gaining the highest ratings for service and food.

    • Gordon has consultancy agreements with several blue chip companies including: Singapore Airlines, Booker Cash and Carry Limited and Aramark Limited. In October 2002, Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited took over the food and beverage operation at The Connaught Hotel.

    • Gordon's restaurant Gordon Ramsay was voted the Top Restaurant in the U.K. in the 2001 London Zagat Survey and was also named the best Fine Dining Restaurant in the 2001 Harden's Guide. These ratings continued in 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005.

    • In 1986, Gordon moved to London where he worked at Harvey's in Wandsworth.

    • In 1999, Gordon opened Pétrus with his protégé Marcus Wareing, in St. James's. On January 19, 2001, the Restaurant Gordon Ramsay gained its third Michelin star. In October 2001, Gordon opened a new restaurant named Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's, which gained a Michelin star in 2003. In 2003, Gordon Ramsay Holdings re-launched The Savoy Grill. The restaurant achieved its first Michelin star in 2004. In July 2005, Gordon opened his first restaurant in Japan at The Conrad Tokyo with Andrew Cook. In 2005, Gordon opened his eighth restaurant, maze, in London's Grosvenor Square. In 2007, Gordon opened his first pub, The Narrow, in London's Limehouse.

    • In June 2000, Gordon won The Chef of the Year Award at the Cateys. In 2004 Gordon Ramsay was nominated for the BAFTA Award and The National TV Award in the UK for Kitchen Nightmares. At the 10th Annual GQ Men of the Year Awards, Gordon was awarded Chef of the Year for 2007.

    • In October 1993, Gordon became chef of the restaurant Aubergine where he won two Michelin stars.

    • Gordon has written a number of books: Passion for Flavour, was published in October 1996. His second book, Passion for Seafood, was published in May 1999. A Chef for all Seasons was published in September 2000 followed by Just Desserts in September 2001. Lastly, Secrets in 2003. In May 2005, Gordon released his sixth book, Gordon Ramsay Makes it Easy, which was published by Quadrille. In October 2006, Harper Collins published Humble Pie, Gordon's autobiography.

    • Gordon received his O.B.E. from the Queen in July 2006 at an investiture ceremony at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

    • Gordon Ramsay married Cayetana Elizabeth Hutcheson in 1996. He has four children named: Megan, Holly and Jack (twins), and Matilda.

    • On Sundays, Gordon Ramsay can often be spotted running round Richmond Park, keeping trim and fit. Gordon Ramsay completed his 7th Flora London Marathon on April 23, 2006(official time 3H 46 mins 10 secs). He aims to complete 10 in 10 consecutive years.

    • Ramsay starred in part of a Give Blood television advertisement, in which he said that another man in the advert had saved his life through some transplant.

    • Gordon Ramsay was nominated as a candidate for Rector at the University of St. Andrews, but beaten at the polls by Simon Pepper.

  • Quotes

    • Gordon: (pushing for laws to prohibit foreign food imports in the UK) I don't want to see asparagus in the middle of December. I don't want to see strawberries from Kenya in the middle of March. I want to see it home grown. There should be stringent laws.

    • Gordon: (about a lawsuit on Hell's Kitchen) The idea of bringing moldy food in and planting actors is a f**king joke. There's a man who got very scared and very embarrassed about his lack of professionalism. For a man to waste lawyers' time and taxpayers' money to get upset about something you're the cause of.

    • Gordon: (about the US) This is supposed to be the most powerful nation, not the most pathetic.

    • Gordon: Everyone thinks you're an arsehole to work for because you get straight to the point. I've the most amazing relationship with my guys, and yeah, if things go wrong, they have to take it. But I expect just as much from myself as I do from them.

    • Gordon: For me, the biggest frustration about vegetarians is that chefs don't look after them enough. They oust them as if they'd been diagnosed with leprosy. They don't treat them as normal customers. Here, we make sure they have just as exciting food. We always get the trendy student vegetarians protesting outside here when I put a new Foie Gras dish on the menu.

    • Gordon: (on Los Angeles) The place is so plastic. I would have felt more at home if I'd covered myself in clingfilm.

    • Gordon: (on women in the kitchen) When they eat, they cheat - it is ready meals and pre-prepared meals all the way.

    • Gordon: (on almost dying filming "The F Word") There was a strong current, I got totally disorientated, let go of the rope and mucked up my breathing on the regulator.

    • Gordon: From an early age I understood that cooking was never going to be a job, it's a passion. Poor old Antony Worrall Thompson, poor old Delia Smith, I don't think the penny's dropped yet!

    • Gordon: (About wiener-schnitzels) It's a sort... Joan Collins; wrinkled, depressing and with the best times long behind him.

    • Veronica: Have you ever been hit?
      Gordon: It's been tried four times, but I was too fast, every time. I think it's fine, 'cause it means that it does something to them. Somebody who doesn't show emotions doesn't care, and they can beat it! If you don't care, go and bake some hamburgers for Burger King!

    • Gordon: Everything I do has to be perfect, everything I cook has to be delicious! So, yeah, sometimes I freak out to people when they don't do the best they can.

    • Gordon: People have no idea about the pressure that's resting on my shoulders. If I would be baking hamburgers in a snack bar, I would be a very relaxed dude, but I'm on the top! When something goes wrong here, it really goes wrong, and there are a lot of people waiting for that to happen.