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  • A man who contibutes both ruthless scheming, and vulnerable senses, is a real artist who has the right touch for a role on "Dynasty".

    Gordon Thomson was evil Adam Carrington on the popular nitght-time drama "Dynasty". His performance was genuinely outstanding. His character was the child of Blake and Alexis. Like his mother, Adam was vindictive, rapacious, and ambitious, with an idea behind every word he uttered. Thomson gave us these characteristics seemingly effortlessly. He also made us care about Adam, because through all the conniving and plotting, he was also vulnerable, full of sensitive feelings that could crush him. This certainly gave us reason to hope, and to care. Adam was both a monster, and a human. Thomson gave us this, in one character. It's a shame that he does not act as frequently he used to. His apprearance in the big-budget flop "Poseidon" was very brief and almost missed. I hope we see more of him in the future. He really is talented.