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  • A truly marvellous band

    This band, fronted by the music maestro Damon Albarn and magnificent artist Jamie Hewlett creates the perfect combination to make a wonderful genre of music. The band consists of 2D (Singer and keyboard), Russel (Percussion), Murdoc (Bass) and Noodle (Guitar and extra vocals) and they cover a wide variety of music including rap, rock, electronic and punk. They are most well known as being a band that has just animated music videos that also tell a story when watched in the correct order. This is the perfect band as they care as much about the storyline of the albums as much as they do about delivering fresh and unique sounds in this time of pop and rap garbage. The perfect band.
  • Changed both music and cartoons forever!

    I suppose the Gorillaz (to me) are the best band. And the unusal part? They are cartoons! Though this virtual band could go as a song in some Cowboy Bebop episodes or anime!

    The members of the band are 2-D,Noodle, Murdoc, and Russell. These four virtual band members have changed both music and cartoons forever. They have storylines and biographies of themselves. Which is rather interesting since these characters are fictional. The leader is 2-D, a british keyboardist who both sings and plays keyboard. He acts very strangely since he was hit in the hed twic when he was younger and has two dents in his head. His original name was Stu-Pot,but Murdoc changed it to 2-D because of the two dents in his head. Next is Noodle, a Japanese girl who is both a guitarist and martial arts expert.The confusing about this cute member is that sometimes, she says she is ten. Then 15, but she is really 14 now. Murdoc, a crazed gothic member and plays base. He is exatly 38. Last but not least is Russel. An american member from New York who was kicked out of school for being posessed by demons. He then began joining hip-hop places. and got friends who were hip-hop artists as well. One day, a drive-by shooting happened and all of Russel's friends were killed. Leaving Russel...the sole survivor...the ghosts of his old friends took over Russel, and gave him the power to give him awesome beats and made his eyes glow eerily white. Together, these four virtual band members have formed together and became "The Gorillaz"!

    The music of Gorillaz is outstanding. The music is highly unusal yet can get stuck in your head. In fact,some of the songs don't really go with the title. Example:The song Feel Good Inc., does not actually use the word "Feel good Inc." Only the words "Feel Good" are used. Also just the word "INC" is used once. But the song has strange yet hilarious lyrics. Though the song "Fire coming out of a monkey's head" is more narration than a song. But it just somehow seems like a song for these guys. Though the song "Kids With Guns" is actually pretty cool. This song is very catchy and it's my favorite. It makes you want to listen to it over, and over again.

    The final word for this band?...More like the final paragraph!!! The Gorillaz is actually a better band than any other imo. The creators Damon Alburn and Jamie Hewlett created this band, not because they are real people, they are based on the emotions some of the people their act! This band is defintaly one of the all-time-greats.
  • An animated band that became more successful than the majority of "real" artists - now that's an accomplishment. Gorillaz is as original as it gets, making their own animation and unique style of music.

    I've got to say that Gorillaz is one of my favorite bands out there, if not my top choice. They may not have the best voices or be beautiful (like Beyoncé for example), but they have MAJOR talent and creativity and use these skills to maintain a consistant high quality of music and animation.

    I'll try to not make this into a history lesson, but basically the band came about from the ideas of Damon and Jaime, a band member and the creator of a cartoon. After a few years, and with the help of a lot of other people, the band Gorillaz was formed. The creators of the band made up histories for the band's cartoon characters, who were featured in the band's music videos. Gorillaz became a huge hit since the release of their first single and have become more and more well-known and respected since.

    I love the idea of a cartoon band, it's so different. It's fun to see the cartoons in the videos. I also like how the band members want to keep low profiles - they don't want all the glory of celebrities; they're content hiding behind cartoons and staying in the shadows. Yet they're still very successful and I'm sure they've made a lot of money from their Gorillaz project.

    The music of Gorillaz, the most important aspect since they're a band, is a type all its own. Many of the songs contain vocals from guest artists, adding variety to their CD's. Their songs contain some odd lyrics and beats, but the overall effect is entrancing. I'll admit some of the videos are a bit too weird, but they're still entertaining and make me enjoy the songs even more, unlike some music videos. Maybe it's just because Gorillaz are cartoons, who knows. All I know is that when I hear a Gorillaz song I have to sing along. Gorillaz have made music that I will always enjoy and don't see myself ever getting tired of. Forming their own style and achieving global fame with much less help than a normal singer/band, the creators of Gorillaz should be considered creative masters.
  • One of the most popular,coolest bands in the world!(and the don't even exsist.)

    The Gorillaz must be the most luckiest famous people in the world.I mean they get to walk into a McDonalds and not be hassaled,how awesome is that!But besides being famous and not being bothered which is already cool,they are represented by very cool cartoons and halograms now.So pretty much the don't even excist,but thery're still awesome,and people,they should get credit for that!And not just the Gorillaz,I mean DamonA lburn and Jamie Hewitt.
    They have great music,and I mean great!They fall under so many catagories,so there's something for everyone.Whether rock,pop,alternative,classical,rap,they can do it!They also have the most greatest,ridicoulus story lines in there music videos,but that dosen't matter,because they get your attention.I mean who could pass up the FeelGoodInc. video even if you hate that song?
    They also have very intesting backround storys for the members.Like how Satanist,bassist Murdoc Niccals damaged keyboard and vocalist 2D's eyeballs while putting 2D in then out of a coma,or how drummer Russel Hobbs got to England for a break after an excorsism.Also,they are hilarous during thier interviews.
    All in all,the Gorillaz are a wonderful,fascinating,origanal,band,who are highly unappreitated because they only way word of their music gets around is by 'word of mouth'.I bet if they had a few commercials they could be one of the best music groups in history.That's why a give them a perfect 10 rating.
  • I ain't happyi'm feeling glad, i got sunshine in a bag!!!!!!!!!! (not really) CLINT EASTWOOD!!!

    My fav gorillaz tune is clint eastwood, it really rocks really hard!!! I am not much of a hip hoip, rap fan, but gorillaz kick it! they are super fun to listen to, and very easy to dance to! especially dare, c'mon who wouldn't dance to that, its cool! ibut, i really dont see the point of "laika come home" now that was a terrible cd and a huge wast of money, ick i would ie before buying that again!!! ooh gorillaz vs spacemonkeys (that is 1 word, right???) it was gay but i like everything else, exepet maybe "b-sides" but it was all right!
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    Feel Good Inc., Dirty Harry, Clint Eastwood, El Mañana, those are just one of the few singles of one of the most original bands ever. Gorillaz is, to my thought, one of the best bands ever. They are very original and I just love the cartoon vidoe, though I don't like the way of their mediocre, childish, and diabolic style they try to represent. I really like their music, though. I think Clint Eastwood is their best song yet.
  • empty

    Feel Good... You have gotta love them Gorillaz! I only listen to and like literally 3 of their songs; "Feel Good, Dare & Dirty Harry" from their latest album "Demon Days" but I think that those three songs are brilliant. I don't like the whole cartoon theme of the Gorillaz as much as others and often find it rather annoying but they produce some good music.
  • An (animated) band from England, this groups music runs the gauntlet of styles.

    I've been a Gorillaz fan ever since I first saw some of their music videos. I really enjoy their awesome songs, and the quirky personalities of the band members themselves.
    However, I'm really put out that the band's career may come to an end, especially after that one music video...
  • ROCK ON!!!

    Gorillaz are a cartoon band that made great music. They are made up on Dan "The Automator" Nakamura, Blur's Damon Albarn, Cibo Matto's Miho Hatori, and Tom Tom Club's Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz with the arresting visuals of Jamie Hewlett. Although it is just made up of cartoon characters, they still rock the charts! Big time! Their songs, such as Feel Good Inc. and Sunshine in a Bag, are one of the greatest! Lets just hope that this band will stick together!
  • Gorillaz is a one of a kind band that has impacted many peples lives.

    The animated band known as gorillaz is one of the most influental bamds of all times.And the fact that they are animated is truely and original idea.But i fear that other less popular peple willtry and copy off of the famous band.But in my opinion they will not succede because the idea is original and only poppular with the gorrilaz band.They have relesed multiple albums and all of them have been popular with not only myself but every gorrilaz fan in the world.And i hpoe they keep going and never give up the gorillaz style we all love and adore.
  • Gorillaz iz one of the bezt bandz ever!

    The group Gorillaz is characterized for being a cartoon group, I loved all of their videos specially Clint Eastwood, 19-2000, Dare, and Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz just debuted in 2000, and only in six years after their first CD; they are now one of the best bands of the world, and I love what they do with their music, and I think that their way of singing is to unique and special, is simply one of the best bands in the world, and the album Demon Days is one of the best albums I have ever heard.
  • This band made me change how I see music

    Ever since their single Clint Eastwood,I always listened & favored their music. Why this not only for their origonal lyrics & combination of tri-hop, rock,rap,and techno music blend all that together and you got this ultre cool beat music experiance.An example of this would be Dirty hary

    final word awsome
  • Gorillaz - The start of the Virtual Band Generation.

    The Gorillaz are one of my favorite animated / virtual bands, that's because - they're the only animated / virtual bands out there that I know!

    The Gorillaz are on of the very sucessful animated / virtual bands too! That's why you don't see many others out there too! And also, they have a great song choice.

    I also like the way The Gorillaz animate their music videos. It's very creative and realistic. One of my favorite songs by them is "Clint Eastwood". It's very nice, and has a creative tune. The Gorillaz are gonna be one band that no one'll ever forget.
  • One day, virtual bands will rule the next generation of music. One day...

    I find Gorillaz a rather interesting band because of the fact that they are portrayed as cartoon characters, and I find this unique in many ways. It has also gave me ideas as what next-generation bands would look like. Will these such bands have become holographic, animated figures aliasing their real-life counterparts? I do not really know, but I find Gorillaz to be one step closer to the future. But apart from these thoughts, I also like their music, even though some verses are repeated over again like "Dare." But regardless, I love their beats, and they will eventually grow to be one of the world's best bands. Besides, they have already set a world record for being the most successful virtual band in the world.

    I love to see these animated people rapping and singing in cool voices.I would say that my favorite character in Gorillaz is 2D.I still don't see why people like Murdoc so much.Well why the GIRLS like him so much.Still the band is perfect and good.I have no complain about these guys.Also,I really love thier new song "Feel Good Inc."
  • Gorillaz has been my favoite group out there. mostly because its an animated group I guess.

    Gorillaz has been my favoite group out there. mostly because its an animated group I guess. They sing a lot of good songs. I just found out who they where about a couple of weeks ago and I bought their CD and everything. That amazing considering it takes me a while to get use to a Music group or singer.