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  • Is There a Hamster in the House?

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    S 5 : Ep 11 - 12/15/88

    Caroline convinces Cliff to let Rudy watch her hamster, Darren, for the night while she is at her grandmother's house. Vanessa becomes upset and assumes that Cliff will eventually let Rudy get her own hamster. The kids believe that Cliff dislikes animals, but he claims that he fears that the kids will not be able to take care of pets properly. With some prompting from Theo, he reveals that he once sat on his pet bird Charlie. He survived, but never trusted Cliff again. Rudy is concerned when Darren becomes ill. Cliff thinks that Darren is okay, but later begins to worry. They take the hamster to the clinic and pay for X-rays, but it dies during the exam. Cliff buys a new hamster for Caroline and tries to pass it off as Darren. Caroline isn't fooled, but takes the news in stride. She says that the same thing happens every time someone else looks after her hamster. Russell tries to ease Cliff's guilt about his bird by telling him that his mother also had an accident with Charlie. She inadvertently put him in the washing machine, and he crashed into the walls after she revived him with brandy.moreless
  • Rudy's All-Nighter

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    S 5 : Ep 3 - 10/20/88

    Theo is frustrated when he receives a D on his first paper in English composition, as well as many critical remarks from the professor. He must work all weekend to revise it. Rudy invites her friend Caroline to stay the night. Cliff becomes somewhat annoyed by the fact that Rudy's friends always expect him to be funny and perform certain characters. He pretends to be depressed, but then delights the girls with his "pirate" impression. Rudy and Caroline stay up extremely late and get on everyone's nerves with their obnoxious behavior. Caroline, the daughter of a newspaper editor, offers Theo tips for his paper. Caroline wakes up Cliff in the middle of the night and demands to go home after getting into an argument with Rudy. By the time Cliff has called her parents and is ready to drive her, they have already made up and gone to sleep. Cliff is left exhausted. Theo gets some feedback from his professor. He is surprised to hear that Cliff would be proud if he got a C on the paper, but Cliff feels that the fact that he is working is so hard is what is important. Theo vows that he will eventually get good grades.moreless