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  • Where\'s Gracie? We all know Grace Jones from classics like Shaka Zulu, Conan, and her very deep music sect; but where is Grace really? The \'Ugly Betty\' crowd desparately seeks a new leader and strong voice. Where\'s Gracie.

    Grace Jones is a very bright, dynamic and charismatic person that has entertained a full host of other vibrant media professionals. But where is the secret hiding place, the magic incantation and aura that Grace is hiding from us? She has attributes of Josephine Baker, while the appeal of Eyrka Badu. She has shown the world many different parts of her; her likes and dislikes, and those that can relate to her would ultimately compare her to \'Lucy\', the black-haired girl from the \"Peanuts\" as she takes her entourage\' to someplace else away from us.

    Good Night Gracie...