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  • Believeable on Hawaii 50.

    Good actress. Beautifull.
  • hawaii 5-0


    Grace Park attractive, talented fits right in with Hawaii 5-0. I thought she was Hawaiian! One of my favorite shows. Great asset to the show. Makes a great cop, hope to see more of her in episodes to come.
  • Grace Park is the most attractive women in the business and one of the most talented. You could say Grace is the BOMB. She makes me want to move to Vancouver and become Canadian. A great addition and asset to any movie or TV show she is on.

    I'm a fan of the original BSG with Herbert Jefferson playing Boomer and Dirk Benedict as Starbuck and when I heard that the directors decided to make Boomer and Starbuck women I really didn't know what to think, but I do know now....IT WORKS GREAT.
    Katee Sackhoff is wonderful as Starbuck and Grace Park brings talent and beauty to the cast and makes everyone want to date a cyclon. Ok maybe that's just me. To the cast director..GREAT JOB casting Boomer.
    Miss Grace Park in my opinion is the most attractive female in the business today. She is in the catogary with Lucy Liu, Jessica Alba, Bai Ling and TNA\'s Gail Kim. If I had the opportunity to meet Miss Park it would be one of the biggest honors in my life and I wish her all the best in thebusiness and in life. She makes sci-fi Friday very enjoyable.

    Since there are many copies....let me have one!
  • A great actress and very beautiful

    Grace Park is extremely gorgeous. She is also a very good actress. She currently stars in two shows. She plays Boomer on “Battlestar Galactica” and she is also on the show “Edgemont” which only Canadians are allowed to see.

    I don’t get that deal. I thought with NAFTA we were supposed to be one big happy family. Canadians get to see all the big American shows. Canadians actually make a lot of American shows. Why can’t we see Canadian shows? We get all the top Novellas from Mexico. Why can we watch Mexican shows but not Canadian shows? I want to see Grace Park more.
  • Grace is an amazing actor, with her intensely psycho-analyzed portrayal of her multi-faceted characters.

    Grace amazes with her ability to portray all the qualities of the modern woman; strength, passion, intelligence, wit, charm; and yet she manages to weave the fragility of the \"weaker\" sex into the mix. She makes Boomer a symbol of the times; women are the equal or better of men, there is a reversal of roles for the sexes.

    In B.G., Boomer fiercely protects her baby and its father, not just with maternal instincts, but raw military grit, characteristic of the male species.

    Grace also reveals the weaker side of Boomer, the fear, the confusion, the need for male companionship and reassurance.

    Watch her and be sucked into feeling the need to comfort Boomer, and yet feel protected when the going gets tough.

    Her talent would be revered and appreciated in our sunny island, Singapore. Hope to see you here soon, in one of our productions!
  • Hottie Alert!

    I haven\'t seen BSG yet, but I hoping to rent the first season just to check it out. She is a very talented and beautiful actresse. I saw her Maxim pics, and she was soooooo hot!! I couldn\'t believe her doing something soo bold!! Nicely done, too!! I\'ve heard good reviews about the drama series, making me want to see them for myself!
  • Grace Park... Boomer... Sharon Valerii... whomever you want to call her... she is a REAL actress!

    Grace Park character of \"Boomer\" or \"Sharon Valerii\" is absolutely awesome. I preferred the Boomer on Caprica much better than the Boomer on Galactica. I don\'t know why, exactly, but it seemed as if the Boomer on Caprica was more alive, in a sense, and seemed to become the \"better\" Boomer. Grace Park, in general, is one spectacular actress and does all her Cylon parts and such very well. *Claps* Above all, her emotions are always right on the dot. You can tell when she is upset, happy, or angry. Defintely. She is also very beautiful. I am very pleased that Grace got the part of Boomer rather than Starbuck.
  • Makes the show!!

    The show itself is very good but without a doubt, Grace Park is the reason I watch. Her role is a very difficult one to pull off and I think she does it very well. The best show on television right now. I would love to meet Grace Park one day, a truly talented actress.
  • Strongest dramatic performer on Battlestar Galactica

    Grace Park has had a tough role to play on Battlestar Gallactica - a very human woman with close relationships and a sense of duty to her shipmates - and at the same time a mole from another species, programmed to mimic a human and even think that she is one. She has pulled it off amazingly well, and is totally makes all aspects of her character completely believable. It is this kind of intense dramatic acting that must really be gut wrenching work, and what makes shows like BSG so good.
  • The hottest woman on Battlestar Galactica with the talent to go anywhere in the movie industry.

    She\'s playing one of the most difficult roles in the series and i just cant see anyone pulling it off as well as she. Another review mentioned her being an \"average\" actor with no emotion. Well in my opinion shes doing a damn good job in this role and i can\'t see anyone doing nearly the quality of acting as she has. Her emotionless qualities that show here and there remind us of that she is a cylon still trying to act human. I believe this actress is going to really go far in her career and this series is just the boost she needs. Can\'t wait to see her on the big screen. From the start i thought she was a human and even now that we know she is a cylon i still keep thinking she is human. Aside from the excellent job she has done fooling us that she was human she is definitely the sexiest woman on the show. I dont see anyone on the show that looks as good as she does in a flight suit.

    There are many copies..... can i have one?
  • Merely another typical modern actor - pretty but with little substance or talent. If she had been taller, then she'd likely be a model and we'd be spared her inability to act.

    It's unfortunate that the show's producers chose to cast Grace Park in such an important role.

    Aside from her more obvious qualities, Grace is purely average as an actor. So far, she has demonstrated a clear inability to show much range of emotion or facial expressiveness.

    She's most interesting when just looking pretty and smiling. Sure - she's attractive. But that's about it. Otherwise, her acting is often delivered in a dull monotone, which she varies with regularity with an absurd pouting look. And, then there's her third emotion/behavior - being pissed off.

    There are many copies ... how tragic for all of us!