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    • Grace Park: Taking acting classes, you go deep inside and you're crying and you hate life, but after a while it's not that bad. Sometimes I feel that calmness in that state, and then so I realize that everyone feels pressure to "be a certain way" to hold on [to] their values, but I think it's because everyone's really scared. So if you get to that place where they're scared and live through it and be brave, because you can't have courage without fear, I think that's a kind of statement for humanity. It doesn't matter how you do your hair, or if we look like Playboy Playmates, or the other extreme. It's really good to show people you can go through your weakness and succeed.

      I think that's what I like about Battlestar Galactica: everyone is the most scared they've ever been, and yet somehow they manage to make it through.