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    • Sex instruction books:

      Acts of Love; Your Erotic Fantasies; Girls Who Said Yes; How a Woman Longs to be Loved; How to be the Perfect Lover; Isn't It Time You Did Something Kinky?; Sex is Everything; How to be a Good Bad Girl; Women's Erotic Dreams; 1,001 Erotic Dreams Interpreted; How to Drive Your Man Wild in Bed; How to Drive Your Woman Wild in Bed; The High Intensity Sex Plan; More Ways to Drive Your Man Wild in Bed; Sex Secrets of the Other Woman; How to Drive Your Lover Wild in Bed; How to Make Love Six Nights a Week; Wild in Bed Together; Drive Him Wild; Single, Wild, Sexy ... and Safe; How to Drive Your Man Even Wilder in Bed; How to Make His Wildest Dreams Come True; Secrets of the Sexually Irresistible Woman; The Seven Secrets of Really Great Sex; The Secrets of Sexual Play; Wild Sex for New Lovers; Up All Night

    • Graham worked as a newspaper reporter before taking over joint editorship of the British edition Penthouse and Penthouse Forum magazines. Has written a series of successful "how-to" books on sexual subjects, published by Penguin Dutton, with sales running into millions all around the world.

    • Lives with his wife Wiescka in a Gothic Victorian mansion high above the River Lee in Cork, Ireland. They have three sons.

    • Is the editor of Scare Care, an anthology of horror stories for the benefit of abused children.

    • His grandfather was Thomas Thorne Baker, the eminent scientist who invented DayGlo and was the first man to transmit news photographs by wireless.

    • Graham Masterton has written over a hundred novels, horror, thrillers and historical sagas, as well as collections of short stories.

    • Novels:

      Inserts (1976) (writing as Anton Rimart); The Djinn (1977); Fireflash 5 (1977); Charnel House (1978); The Sphinx (1978); Heartbreaker (1978) (writing as Katherine Winston); The Devils of D-Day (1978); The Sweetman Curve (1979); A Mile Before Morning (1979); The Wells of Hell (1979); Rich (1979); Phobia (1980) (writing as Thomas Luke); The Hell Candidate (1980) (writing as Thomas Luke); Man of Destiny (1981); The Heirloom (1981) (writing as Thomas Luke); Railroad (1981); Famine (1981); Solitaire (1982); Tengu (1983); Ikon (1983); The Pariah (1983); Lady of Fortune (1984); Condor (1984) (writing as Thomas Luke); Maiden Voyage (1984); Corroboree (1984); Sacrifice (1985); The Family Portrait (1985) (aka Picture of Evil); Headlines (1986); Death Trance (1986); Nightspawn (1987); Lords of the Air (1988); Mirror (1988); Ritual (1988) (aka Feast); Walkers (1989); Empress (1990); The Hymn (1991) (aka The Burning); Black Angel (1991) (aka Master of Lies); Prey (1992); The Sleepless (1993); Flesh and Blood (1994); Spirit (1995); The House That Jack Built (1996); The Chosen Child (1997); House of Bones (1998); Kingdom of the Blind (1998) (writing as Alan Blackwood); Plague of Angels (1999) (writing as Alan Blackwood); Trauma (2001); The Doorkeepers (2001); Hair Raiser (2001); Bonnie Winter (2001); Camp Pleasant (2001); A Terrible Beauty (2003); The Hidden World (2003); Genius (2003); Holy Terror (2004); The Devil in Gray (2004); Unspeakable (2005); Innocent Blood (2005); Descendant (2006); Edgewise (2006)

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