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    • Graham Norton: I'm thrilled to be signing with the BBC for another three years and can't imagine working anywhere else.

    • Graham Norton: I don't want to get married. I came out of a 5-year relationship and I still have a house. If there was gay marriage I don't think I would. I don't know why people get so excited and interested in being married. Gay marriage is one thing, but gay divorce; I'm sort of looking forward to gay divorce. That would be so vicious.

    • Graham Norton: In Britain if I am walking around, I know that people know me, whereas in New York I don't know whether I'm anonymous or not. It makes you slightly more nervous.

    • Graham Norton (On his thoughts, at age 11, about Larry Grayson): I knew on some level I was like him, but I didn't want to be like that.

    • Graham Norton: I don't think you should have to try to be nice, I think most people are nice. I think being cheerful and nice is just a politeness.

    • Graham Norton: If I feel a bit down then I just go to Times Square where all the tourists are. It's my Sally Fields in Soapdish moment.

    • Graham Norton (On audience participation in his shows): Unlike the daytime confessional shows, we don't judge them, we celebrate them. We say 'Hooray! You drank a pint of your own vomit for a bet!' We don't say - 'Ooh, I'm sensing self-esteem issues'.

    • Graham Norton: I loved Lucille Ball growing up. I remember liking the Flip Wilson Show that was on. I supposed I was just generally drawn to American programs more than British programs. British programs, it looked like Ireland. There were hedgerows and things, where it was exciting in America. There were no hedgerows in between houses. Shared lawns – it was very thrilling to us.

    • Graham Norton (On his childhood): I remember watching lots of television...television was my friend. But I was quite happy about that. It would have irritated me if people had come around and interrupted my viewing habit.

    • Graham Norton: When I was about two, I think, my family started to move around Ireland. My dad worked at Guinness, the brewery, and I think he must have been a bit rubbish at his job, because they just kept transferring him all the time. It wasn't until I was about 14, 15 that we settled in a place called Bandon, County Cork, which is down in the south.

    • Graham Norton: I think everyone is a little obsessed with sex. I just think we're reflecting what people are obsessed with. People are interested in other things but sex does drive 90 percent of everything. That's why video took off and that's why the internet took off. Porn! That's why video messaging will be very popular within the next five years.

    • Graham Norton (On his show, The Graham Norton Effect): We did a really good show with Alan Cumming and Paul Rudd. Actually on the latest show we had Joan Rivers on and I was so pleased. People in America have forgotten that she's funny because she never gets to be as vile as she is. She's vile, funny and really out there.