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  • A story of a player who could have become the greatest player of all time.

    It wasn't long for people to compare Michael Jordan and Grant Hill when he was drafted by the Detroit Pistons. What separates Hill from other compared Jordan players is that he was the closest to being the next Jordan. He was like a mini Kevin Garnett that can do almost everything but shoot the 3 well. Yes, while the Pistons also had all star Jerry Stackhouse on the club, the Pistons were still a terrible team, but always managed to find themselves high up on the playoff rankings. The two all stars didn't have very successful careers in the playoffs while in Detroit, so Grant Hill decided to pack his bags and head for Orlando. Detroit fans posted up boards during games, begging Grant Hill not to leave, but it wasn't enough to keep him in the jersey with a teal and burgundy horse. Grant Hill would be playing next to former Toronto Raptors player Tracy McGrady, and people already had Orlando as a serious contendor.

    However, the injury bug struck, and Grant Hill, in four seasons, saw less games than in one season. He got so emotional about it, that he cried during an interview. While he was being paid tons of money, this was a player that actually wanted to play and be great, because there's no denying that he would not only be compared to Jordan--even though he already was--he would be seeing him on the same level. Grant Hill's will always be mourned by Orlando, Detroit, and other fans alike. He was a nice guy that was breezing his way into the hall of fame, and then somewhere along the way, a rock trips him. However, on a Pistons fan perspective, trading Grant Hill got them Ben Wallace, most famous for his defensive intensity and afro. Grant Hill's heart will always be remembered by those who saw him play as one of the best players who would rarely lead his team in points, rebounds, and assists.