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  • Grant Show as Lucus Boyd in Point Pleasant as well as many other roles I've seen him play.

    I didn't know about Grant Show until Point Pleasant aired and I immediately liked his character, acting talent and have since watched many other show's hes played in. "Sex and a Single Mom 1 and 2" was great to watch, however, I have definitely missed his acting as Lucus Boyd in Point Pleasant as it was canceled by Fox which I am NOT HAPPY about. I enjoyed how powerful he was in that role, I haven't seen any Melrose Place shows as I've heard he's played in but I definitely see him more as a powerhouse player than the more easy going Jake from the TV show.I enjoyed his work in "The Alchemists" and own a copy of Encrypt but I haven't seen that yet. The futon movie was a bit weird and am suprised he'd do a show like that considering his amazing talent but we'll give him alittle slack for that one. Now that I know about Grant Show I will definitely follow his career and hope to enjoy more characters from him, he was amazing in Point Pleasant and look forward to more from him in the future. Grant Show, we want another powerhouse character from you!!