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  • Okay band.

    While I don't really like Green Day, I have to say that they have been decent enough in the music world to be noticed. They have some okay songs, but the thing that I think has made them appealing is their ability to be different from other punk-rock bands. In this music business, they have the ability to make themselves popular with simple songs about subjects taht have already been covered. Overall, they are an okay band, maybe not great singers, but decent enough to be a hit in the world of music. They have been a unique band today. Thank you.
  • One of the best band ever

    Green Day started in 1990, releasing their first album "1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours" with band members Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and John Kiffmeyer. Before the release of 1039 SOSH Green Day went by the name of Sweet Children, which was formed by band members above, playing a punk/rock sound. In 1991 Green Day released their second album, "Kerplunk," and gained modern day band member, Tré Cool or Frank Edward Wright III, as band drummer and therefore lost John Kiffmeyer as he returned to university. Almost three years later Green Day released, "Dookie" which sold a total of 12 million copies worldwide and 8million US. With the Videos Basketcase, Longview, Welcome to Paradise and When I Come Around, Green Day gained fame and became more than they ever could have dreamed of.

    After unleashing their fourth album ,"Insomniac," which did not do as well as "Dookie," Green Day toured for a year, only to cut it short as Billie Joe had family issues at home: Billie Joe's wife was having a their first son, Joey. But since the band had to cut it short, they gave something back to the fans, a brand new album by the name of "Nimrod". To this day "Nimrod" is said to be the greatest album released by Green Day and one of their biggest career boosts since they formed. It is known as a slightly more mature GreenDay album. After winning countless awards for their hit song "Time of Your Life" (still a popular song at graduations) and Australian TV publicity, such as Recovery TV and RAGE, Green Day went back to America to write songs for there 6th album, "Warning".

    After "Warning's" release, which wasn't as successful as Green Day members had hoped, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool decided to release, in 2001, a "Best of" CD with Green Day's biggest hit songs, called "International Superhits!" As this CD was a huge success, and the band soon realeased a CD full of B-Side" songs, called "Shenanigans". As a total in their career, Green Day released a total of 8 albums and innumerable singles, soundtracks, EP's and compilations.

    In 2004, Green Day released the album "American Idiot", which was their most popular album to date. They topped the charts, won Best Rock Album of the Year at the Grammy's for the first time since Dookie and gained a true place in the Punk Rock Hall of Fame. American Idiot is a "Punk Rock Opera" tracking the story of Jesus of Suburbia, who later warps in a character by the name of St. Jimmy in a haze of drugs and loneliness out on the streets. This album would not have been possible had it not been for a big accident... Green Day had recorded a completely different album, but, upon it's completion, the masters were stolen. This left the boys with a huge decision: re-record or start over with a clean slate, and the clean slate proved to be the beginning of a legend.

    Green Day is my favorite band of all time! Made up of the loveable guys Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool, they're an unforgettable combination with kick-butt guitar riffs and catchy tunes. My favorite record by them at the moment is American Idiot, and my favorite song is "Letterbomb". Each of their CDs carries a different mood, i.e., Insomniac - angry, Warning - mellow, American Idiot - powerful, etc. Lyrically and musically Green Day is amazing. They are an inspiration to all. Green Day is my favorite band and always will be. I love them to death. Rock on, guys. =]
  • I don't see what the big deal is.

    I don't see what people have in this group.The only song I ever liked by them is 'Wake Me up when September Ends.'That's why they got over a 0.After seeing that I thought they were a great band.Then I relised I was wrong.This band is so bad that this will be my shortest review so far.
  • green day - it's grate rock group!

    green day - it's grate rock group, it's cool alternative group and it's good group at all :D
    I like their songs - american idiot, wake me up ... and all others. you are grate group, but you could be more greatest, if you try. I'm shoure you can do it. good luck and - keep on! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D we love you.
    p.s. song the saintts are coming with u2 was great, but it was hard to hear you, billy joe. you must sing louder, but your boice are grate. and you are gorgeous. :DD
  • empty

    I really don't know what to say about Green Day. They are just brilliant and original and crazy and just brilliant! They have so many hit songs throughout the decades and they still continue to produce top music even though the US govenment doesn't like any of it on bit. I am really hyped up about their next album in 2008 so it would have been 4 years since their latest album by then.
  • empty

    A good band with a great history of songs. Of course, how could we forget classics like "Basket Case" and the new songs like "Holiday" or "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". They are an awesome and original song that really gets into my kind of music style. Awesome group!

    Green Day is the #1 band of all time. No one compares to them. There video for Blvd of Broken Dreams had to be the best. They may of been around for a long time, but try telling me that. I just got into them in '04 after the American Idiot video came on. After that, I was one of the hugest fans in my family!
  • Great band!

    What can I say about Green Day except that they are one of the greatest rock bands to ever be on this earth! I have loved them ever since I heard the song Minority the first time. My favorite song by them though is Jesus Of Suburbia. Some of my other favs are:American Idiot,Time Of Your Life,Boulevard Of Broken Dreams,Holiday,Wake Me Up When September Ends,Misery, and Whatsername. They helped inspire me to learn how to play the guitar. I really hope that Green Day will be one of those bands that stays together a really,really long time.I know that they have but I hope that they do even longer then they have already.
  • THE BEST EVER!!! go billie joe~ :) and of course Tre and Mike.

    No offense, but Green Day is kinda getting old. But I still love them! Theyre an awesome band and i love their songs. I have their CD 'American Idiot' and i listen to it lots. I mostly listen to American Idiot, Wake me up when September ends, St. Jimmy, Shes a Rebel, and Extraordinary Girl. Billie Joe has a good voice but it kinda seems hoarse, but it still is good. Go Green Day! :)
  • The BEST EVER!

    I swear, Green Day has really got something going on. Billie Joe, Mike and Tre are probably some of the best musicians ever heard of, and don't say they suck if you don't like 'em, because that's just wrong. They have a great sound to them and they get better and better with every record. The guys have extreme character to each of them (especially Tre, ha ha). My favorite song is "Letterbomb" of the American Idiot record. Their old stuff is fantastic as well, though! "Road to Acceptance" is good. The guys are fantastic and they always will be!
  • They Rock!

    They're music reaches many generations. I've heard them on 80's, 90's, and today's radio stations. They have been active since the 80's. So let's bring them back onto the charts! If you truly love Green Day, you would try to find a way to get them back on the charts and back on the nominees chart for awards shows. Want some Green Day Music?
    Scroll down on the following page.

    Green Day is a band that will keep its sucess that it has today.
  • Used To And still Listen to them, Amazing Band Very talented and an all time fav!!

    I started Listening to Green day When I was About 3 while we were driving and stuff and as i got older i liked them more and bought more and more of their albums. There a Really Great Band, If you have never heard of greenday, The question you're gonna be asked is "Where have you been man??!" Billie Joes Armstrong (singer guitarist) is quite talented. He can play a number of instruments very well and he can sing. those consist of 12 string guitar, electric, acoustic, drums, a little bass etc. Green Day was Called Sweet Children Origionally And Is a Hit Band that STILL Gets there songs on the radio! Thats a pretty good band in my eyes.
  • Green Day ROCKS man!!!

    Green Day has awesome music, their song are the coolest! They got a lot of attitude and know how it use it. Thier music is very againist the whole 'media' ideal band should be. They're not for younger kids! Green Day is for anyone who doesn't want to be in the 'in' crowd.
  • Best punk group to set foot on this Earth!

    I don't know where to start. I know almost all of their songs. I don't even know what album is my favorite! Bullet in a Bible was a DVD that featured the greatest concert on Earth. Green Day played some their best songs including American Idiot, Holiday, Longview, Brain Stew, Minority, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Time of Your Life, and more! It's One concert the world will never forget. Another Thing is, a lot of their good songs arn't very popular such as 1,000 Hours, Armatage Shanks, King For a Day, Castaway, I Wanna Be On TV, Give Me Novacaine, Letterbomb, Homecoming, and Whatsername. Billie Joe Armsrtong, the lead singer, has a great voice. Mike Dirnt, the bassist, also has a great singing vioce. He Really should sing more. Tre Coll is awsome at the drums. He also makes me laugh during live concerts. LIke once, I saw a live video of their hit song "Waiting." Tre went crazy at the end. So if you don't like Green Day, listen to the some more. You'll like it.

    Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool - the members of the pop-punk band Green Day - are probably the best musicians ever. Their music is really catchy and even though the swear sometimes, their songs are amazing! I love to sing along and the band (but mostly Mike Dirnt) inspired me to learn to play bass guitar. My favorite songs of theirs are Brain Stew, Hitchin' a Ride, Warning, Redundant, Ha Ha You're Dead, American Idiot, Jesus of Suburbia, Holiday, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, St. Jimmy, Are We The Waiting, Give Me Novacaine, Letterbomb, Wake Me Up When September Ends, and Whatsername.
  • I love Green Day so much!

    I have all of thir CD's, encluding their Bullet in a Bible tour, aswell as all of my favorite songs on my MP3 player. I downloaded Good Riddance (time of your life) as one of my ringtones for my camera phone. I have a big Poster of them, hanging on my wall in my room. I own about 3 Green Day T shirts, and a backpack. Not to mention i have a Green Day armband of thier Heart-shaped granade logo.

    I started loving Green day, when I first herd their song, American Idiot, playing on the radio. I bought thier CD, and fell in love with the songs, and the lyrics. I hunted down (OK my Dad hunted down) the rest of thier CD's, and Play them over, and over, and over again.

    I hope they come back with a new album, and go on tour again. This time, I'm not missing them. I'll sell everything I own, but I'll buy tickets!

    Green Day Rocks!
  • I despise Punk/Rock, but Green Day is a huge exception!

    Green Day is a really talented band. They are not one of the all-time greats, they are the all-time greats. Just listen to one or two of their songs and you will get addicted to them. Their songs are really addictive! Billie Joe Armstrong is an awesome singer and guitarist, Mike Dirnt is great at the bass, and Tre is the best drummer ever!!
  • Sellouts...

    I give them a rating over 2 because of one thing. They USED to be good.Their album "Warning" was generally good. Then they became popular. The populararity ruined them. I know that they appeal to so many. But not to me. They have brainwashed too many. I give props to the album Warning and
    I don't see how you people worship a man who wears makeup. The Drummer, I think his name is Tre Cool? Please tell me that's just a dumb stage name. He always have the stupidest faces on while drumming. I think the bass is Mike? He is generally normal and never has dumb faces (He plays bass, he has to be cool). He's just in a loser band. What happened to the punk sound of Green Day? Now they are simply pop-punk and on their road to emo. And if your Emo, don't come near me.

    They are corrupting America's youth. I see small children with Green Day shirts in the mall. Their video for Holiday encourages drinking. Drinking is for people who can't have fun without being drunk and who aren't funny enough sober. Is that really what we want America to become?
  • GreenDay Rox!

    I love Greenday! They are my definite favorite band, for a while now. They are really talented and their newest CD American Idiot is one of their best yet! I love Jesus of Suburbia and St, Jimmy. Those are two great songs from the album, even though all their songs are great!~
  • They Rock!

    Green Day is my all- time favorite band! they rock! Boulivard of Broken Dreams is my favorite song ever! The're all really talented. Billie is a great singer and guitarist, mike is awesome at the bass, and tre is the best drummer in the whole world! Listen to green day! The rock!
  • Green Day is a punk rock band who has sold over 30 million records. They're one of my all time favorites, right behind Led Zeppelin.

    Green Day is one of my all time favorite bands in rock. They really know how to mix it up. They can rock out with songs like basketcase, when i come around, and american idiot. They can also slow it up with songs like good riddance or macys day parade. I have American Idiot, Dookie, International Superhits, and Nimrod, and I love all of them. Billie Joe isn't afraid to say what he wants in his songs, Tre Cool really knows how to play his drums, and Mike Dirnt can play some pretty good bass.
    I loved Bullet in a Bible, which i taped off of fuse on project this bitch. I really want the cd/dvd now. I love every song on american idiot and dookie. I just got nimrod a week ago so im still listening, but i like most of it so far.
    Basically, in my opinion, its Led Zeppelin #1, and Green Day #2 on all time greatest rock bands, but thats my personal opinion. Green Day has put an influence into so many of todays bands, I dont get how u cant like them!
  • I think that this band is the best band ever. They have a lot of great songs that i just love. I been waiting for them to come to Wisonson and play for all of there fans that love his music. I love american idot, talk to you later, bye

    I think that this band is the best band ever. They have a lot of great songs that i just love. I been waiting for them to come to Wisonson and play for all of there fans that love his music. I love american idot, talk to you later, bye
  • Green Day is a pretty good band, but I'd have to say personally people make a to much of a fuss over them, their ok.

    I think everyone got way too over exited with the american idiot thing, I'm telling ya I'm not one of those! Overall Green Day is a pretty good band, but their popularity is just not neccasary. Bulevard of Broken Dreams was way too overplayed, and their songs are way to easy to play on the guitar and bass.
  • best band ever!

    Ok this band is like the greatest ever! One of my all time favorites. I totally loved American Idiot cd and every song in the cd was great. I always wanted to see them in concert but never got too. My 1st song that i loved from them would have to be Time Of Your Life.
  • Perfect! This band kicks ass and that is an understatement for sure!

    Give 'em a show; this band is brilliant! The songs tell the cold hard truth about Bush and the Iraqui invasion - and at the end of a song, I am left honestly believing Green Day is perfect. The members definitely create a never before seen sense of humor, though it can be appreciated. There is not another band that puts so much effort into a spectacular performance, and thus, I pledge my total devotion!
  • I never liked punk but they are making me like it

    Not to be racist, however I'm a black guy and most black guys don't like punk, however this group can rock their @$$ off! My favorite song by the is "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" right when I heard that song, I was like oh snap! That's how good they are!
  • I LOVE GREEN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love GREEN DAY my favorit songs are Basket Case
    ,Homecoming,ST.Jimmy,Amarican Idiot,Nice Guys Finish last,Minority,Brain Steiw,long vewi, Geek Stink Breath,and Poprocks and Coke.I have a very big Green Day poster I wish that Green Day would guste star on The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody that would be the best and greatest day of my life !!!!!!!!
  • The best band of the late 80's, early 90's, AND today. ANYBODY ANYBODY DISSAGREE????

    I didn't think so.Since the lead singer,Billie Joe Armstrong,made his first song "Why do you want him",he was immideatly accepted into the band "Sweet Children" with his now-fellow-green-day-member Mike Dirnst,they got together with Mike Pritchard to form the almighty punk-pop band we all know and love as "Greenday".They made "Why do you want him" a hit song,and as a tribute, a song called "Sweet Children" in their album slappy hours. If you haven't found out yet,the name "Green Day" is refering to a day smoking pot,hanging out,and doing absoulutely NOTHING all day. ANYWAYS going back on topic,greenday is a GREAT band and you should buy thier newest album "Bullet in a Bible" and wait for their next new album. Ok i'm don.e
  • Words can not explain now i feel on Green Day i rambled in this review. lol :D

    OH MY GOSH!!!! how can u not love Green Day.They are the coolest band ever. I bet john is really upset he left the band for college. OH MY Gosh i love Green Day. i cant say it enough. i am sooo obbsessed my friends are so scared of me. I love it. like i cant say how much i love them. words can not express how i feel. "Reject" on Nimrod is the best song ever.i am in their idiot club, i look at their pictures every day, i listen to Green Day every day. They are awesome. Like, how can i say it. I am such a dork when it comes to Green Day. My parents think i have enough Green Day things but u can never have enough. They're like well i dont know. nothing is better than Green Day. Anyways i should end this now before i get out of control. they are so better then any of those classifications. ok im done now. lol!!
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