Greer Grammer

Greer Grammer


2/15/1992, Los Angeles, California, USA

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    • Greer: (on her goals for her career) Hopefully working on a show on a network, or HBO, or USA. I'd love to be on a show like Mad Men at some point in my life. Maybe there's an Emmy in there for me.

    • Greer: (on being typecast) I feel like blondes get typecast as ditsy, stupid, or mean girls. I worry about it a lot, but fingers crossed it won't happen.

    • Greer: (on having a famous parent) A lot of people think it's easy when your parents are famous and you don't have to work as hard, but I think you actually have to work harder. Not only do you have someone whose name you have to live up to, but people are expecting more.

    • Greer: (on when she realized she wanted to be an actress) When I was young, I was always the girl in a different costume, and I was a different Disney princess every day. One day I was Alice, and I would come up with these contraptions with, like, my little chairs, and I'd roll through thinking I was going through the rabbit hole. It was always "I wanna be an actress, I wanna be in movies," ever since I was a kid.

    • Greer: (on her typical weekend) I'm so boring. Most people go out but I lay in my bed. I binge-watch Friday Night Lights. My boyfriend lives in Brentwood so sometimes we'll go to Santa Monica. The past few weekends, I'll ride my bike and get ice cream. I live a very normal life. It's too hot to do anything. I don't like the heat.

    • Greer: (on her role models in fashion) Reese Witherspoon. I love her. Any question you ask me, the answer is going to be 'Reese Witherspoon.' Oh, and I love Grace Kelly.

    • Greer: (on her dream to be a 'Disney Princess') My dream is to be a Disney Princess! I would love to voice a Disney character. I actually applied to become a Disney Princess at Disneyland about 5 years ago, but I wasn't able to do it because the mandatory training conflicted with the Awkward pilot. The timing didn't work out and I was pretty upset since it was my dream. I would love to be a part of some of the live action movies like if they did Tangled or The Little Mermaid or anything. I would be so happy just to live out my dream.

    • Greer: (on her advice to film students) If you are in school really appreciate it and work really hard. I was filming Awkward, but I took summer courses so that I could graduate on time. I really think that it is important because you learn so much. I would say to take a lot of different classes. If you want to be a director you should absolutely take acting classes, because you learn what it is like to be on the opposite side of the camera. And vice versa, if you want to be an actor you should definitely take directing classes, because you know your shots and the terminology that directors use that is super helpful on set.

    • Greer: (on playing high-school characters already while in her 20s) I loved going back and getting to be in high school again and getting to play all these roles. It's really fun and interesting.

    • Greer: (on her high-school experience) I went to a boarding arts high school for my freshman and sophomore years... and then I was home-schooled for junior and senior year. The high school I attended, didn't have a football team. We didn't have homecoming, or sports teams or anything — it was an arts school. I was a dancer. Dance major, freshman year; musical theater in sophomore year.

    • Greer: (on working on independent films) I love doing independent films—and I specifically loved working on [Life Partners] because it was so different than what I've done before

    • Greer: (on what she likes to do on her spare time) I, like, live at Disneyland. I wish I was kidding, but I'm not. I have a season pass, the premium one with no blackout dates.

    • Greer: (on going with her father, actor Kelsey Grammer, to the set of Fraiser) I remember going to tapings of Frasier when I was around four. I knew I was at my dad's work, but I didn't get that he was acting for TV. It wasn't until the second grade that it really hit me.