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  • Greg Ayres is a really good voice actor, one of the best in fact. He plays in a lot of my fav's.

    Greg Ayres did a very good job on Chrono Crusade as Chrono. He has a child voice that made him perfect of the 12 year old form of Chrono's. He also did the 'grown up' version of Chrono. His demonic form you could say. So he can do older voices too. He seems to keep doing soft spoken people thought. Hiwarti in DN Angel was one of those people. Greg can be quiet but when the time comes for yelling and screaming hey he does an awesome job. It was said that when he was trying out for a voice on DN Angel that he wanted Daisuke, but he went for Hiwarti. WHich i think was a very good decsion. He made me like Hiwarti.
  • greg ayres is a very talented voice actor. he has starred in all of my favorite anime: d.n.angel, pretear, spiral, negima, and many others.

    greg ayres has a talented voice and a great personality. he is in all the anime i watch. in new anime, i am able to identify his voice. his voice is distinct and overly talented. his humor is off the chart. in the d.n.angel commentary, he and "krad" have the funniest chat ever. greg ayres is very cool and easy going. he has hair with colors that are the bomb. greg ayres is very cool in spiral too. because his name was listed in the cast, i continued watching the series and enjoyed it. keep up the good work greg!!
  • He's like one of the most talented voice actors out there, not much people can voice an anime character like he does.

    Greg Ayres voice is easily to point out in any anime, even if its just an extra. Every time I hear his voice I can only think of one character, and thats Kousuke Asazuki, I don't know why but that character always comes to mind when I hear his voice. He's just such a great voice actor and should be greatful for his talent. He has had roles in many different anime, but I only seen a few and it was worth it and only after seeing a few he got my vote as the best voice actor of all time! I plan to see more of his great work and hopes he doesn't retire. ^_^
  • I met Greg at this year's Otakon, and he was great!

    Greg is one of those guys you just can't hate. He is a very talented guy. He can do Goku flawlessly on the spot, and then he can turn around and pull of Satoshi from DNAngel as well! He's awesome! I met him in person this past weekend, and all they say is true. He is not a quiet person at all!! He is fantastic!!
  • Greg Ayres hasnt been in the game for not very long but during that time he has landed very important roles which will leave him in the minds of many.

    I remember the first time I heard his work. I was watching Saiyuki. I don't know but his voice just seemed to fit Son Goku's character perfectly. From then on I was interested on what other v/o's he might be doing. His voice stands out. Mostly becuase of my wonderful sense of hearing, I'm able to pick out a persons voice like that. What ever anime I may be watching it's invoulentary, I'll know if it's him speaking or not. The way it changes pitches to match the situation is flawless. I just feel that Greg Ayres is quite talented.
  • One thing Greg isn't is quiet, and you'll know this if you ever meet him. Don't think he'll act like the meakly voiced Satoshi from "DNAngel", oh'll be in for quite a surprise.

    One thing Greg isn't is quiet, and you'll know this if you ever meet him. Don't think he'll act like the meakly voiced Satoshi from "DNAngel", oh'll be in for quite a surprise. Greg may voice some timid characters, along with rather obnoxious ones more close to his actual personality, but he's really rather sweet at heart. He'll tell you just about anything and *sometimes* will do so in a nice way. O:D Aside from his "dirty mouth", quoted from Greg himself, he's really a nice guy to hang out with. He attends hundreds of conventions all the time and hardly has time to stay at home and manage his website that he created himself, along with others in the works. An impressively wide-spread vocal actor, Greg really shines as an onstage thespian in many broadway hit plays-whether dressed in drag in "Rocky Horror Show" or groovin' as a hippie in "Hair". In closing, it's safe to say that he's one actor you won't forget meeting.