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  • Greg Ayres is a really good voice actor, one of the best in fact. He plays in a lot of my fav's.

    Greg Ayres did a very good job on Chrono Crusade as Chrono. He has a child voice that made him perfect of the 12 year old form of Chrono's. He also did the 'grown up' version of Chrono. His demonic form you could say. So he can do older voices too. He seems to keep doing soft spoken people thought. Hiwarti in DN Angel was one of those people. Greg can be quiet but when the time comes for yelling and screaming hey he does an awesome job. It was said that when he was trying out for a voice on DN Angel that he wanted Daisuke, but he went for Hiwarti. WHich i think was a very good decsion. He made me like Hiwarti.