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    • Greg Ayres was nominated, at the first ever American Anime Awards, for Best Actor in a Comedy for his work in Negima and Nerima Daikon Brothers. These awards were hosted in New York, Feb 24 2007.

    • Greg used to enjoy only watching undubbed anime.

    • Greg not only appears in anime with fellow voice actors Monica Rial and Chris Patton, but the three are well known for being on stage together.

    • Greg enjoys skateboarding and British comedies.

    • Greg's involvement in music is that he once was a disc jockey.

    • He was born in the year of the (Earth) Monkey.

    • One of his favorite voice acting roles is Son Goku in the Anime series Saiyuki.

    • Was called to do jury duty for a robbery case.

    • Did part of a commentary for ADV's Saiyuki Requiem movie.

    • On his website on July 31, 2005 Greg revealed some of his upcoming roles. He said, "I am really stoked that I can finally talk about a few new roles coming up in the next few months. I will be voicing the roles of in Tsuyoshi Ohki in Kodocha, Leo Kakinoki in Ghost Stories, Heihachi Hayashida in Samurai 7, Hajime Muroto in Gantz, and Shinobu Saruwatari in Godanner. Every single one of them really fun I totally can't wait till they hit the shelves."

    • When asked, "Is there a particular character that you have voiced that you don't like?", Greg replied, "I don't think there is a single character that I have ever voiced that I don't like. Some were harder than others but I like all of them."

    • When asked, "How did you get started in Voice Acting?", Greg replied, "By accident....and word of mouth. My name was given to some of the directors at ADV who were looking for an actor who sounded VERY young. I went in and gave it my all, and continued to audition for other roles until I finally landed a small role about a year later."

    • At the Anime Convention, Anime Iowa in 2003, Greg took a picture with a man costumed as Genjo Sanzo. In the Anime series Saiyuki Greg voices Son Goku, a close friend of Genjo Sanzo.

    • Also works for FUNimation Productions.

    • Primarily works for ADV Films.

    • Greg is known as the Fanta Guy among his voice actor peers because of his bright hair colors. Greg has dyed his hair many different colors, including green, purple, and red.

    • Wrote the English script for episode 7 of Gantz

    • Appeared in 51 conventions (including Otakon, Metrocon 3, Anime Central, Anime Boston, Middle Tennessee Anime Convention Go, KamiKazeCon, Ohayocon 5, Anime USA, Oni-Con, and Tekkoshocon)

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