Greg Baldwin

Greg Baldwin


9/13/1960, Grants, New Mexico

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Gregory Baldwin


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Greg Baldwin is a talented American voice actor. His voice has been featured in numerous video games and he has also worked on Broadway. He lives in CA with his wife and two kids and has been recently been selected to take over the role of Iroh on…more


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    • Greg: I did a play that Mako did. It was a play called 'Pacific Overtures.' Being a theater geek in High School in 1977, I loved musicals and there was this musical called 'Pacific Overtures' which starred Mako. I bought the cast album and loved it. You know other kids my age were listening to KISS… I was listening to 'Pacific Overtures' in my room and that's how I learned to do Mako. But unfortunately I never met him. From everything that everyone's told me, he was simply a wonderful man, certainly a very talented actor. I am not worthy to 'fill his sandals.'

    • Greg: (Talking about how the third season of Avatar has been) Uh… I'll take the fifth! No, actually it's beautiful! Again, like everything with Avatar it's beautifully written, the characters are so rich. I mean honestly I think it's some of the best television animation ever. You know, you start off with the script and these wonderful characters and then I've got to see some of the animation that's come back and it's just... It's gorgeous! It's art. I think that the fans will be very pleased with Season Three.

    • Greg: I do a line from Pacific Overtures. If I find myself losing Mako and Iroh just a little bit, I can hear that line in my head. I can hear him so well in my sleep saying it because I've literally… My vinyl record- (laughs) Vinyl! For all you younger viewers, vinyl… It's how we used to listen to music. It was a long time ago. (laughter) No, actually it's framed now on my wall. But yeah, there's one particular line that I always get in my head, I say it and I can always find him.

    • Greg: (Referring to the voice of Iroh) Well, it's not my speaking voice but again… I mean it was very serendipitous that they found someone that had actually been doing an impression of Mako for 17 years. I think what you will find though is that since my 'Mako voice', which is also of course the 'Iroh voice', is based on Mako in 1977 when he was probably about my age… By, you know necessity he sounds younger. I mean there's so much nuance in Mako's voice that only comes with age and wisdom. That's the one thing I think is missing. It's the one thing I can't get right, because I'm not that old.

    • Greg: I've been acting since fourth grade. It was just something I always knew that I wanted to do. I think I played Dr. Dolittle in my fourth grade play. Then I've been acting professionally pretty much for twenty-five years now mostly in the theater. Done some voice work on Xiaolin Showdown, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, lots of video games where you can kill my character if you don't like me. You can kill me! You can actually shoot me dead. (laughter) And theater, love the theater.

    • Greg: My son and I come down to Comic Con every year and it's quite a treat this year to come as "Uncle Iroh." I mean that's pretty cool.

  • talented man.

    Plays the new voice of Iroh. If you didn't know (I think most people know though) Greg Baldwin is the new voice for Uncle Iroh (Mako, R.I.P) and Greg Baldwin did a segmant in "Tales of Ba Sing Se" (The part when Uncle Iroh goes in a place and there is a bunch of boys playing a sport, that's something like soccer) His version is a little lighter, but sounds very much like the original Uncle Iroh. You can also catch him in the avatar short "School Time Shipping" on youtube. I am happy they found a good voice to "replace" Uncle Iroh, and I don't think the new version will bother me that much. All in all, I am happy that they found Greg Baldwin. (Rest in Peace Mako)moreless
  • A man who is a victim for doing his job.

    You see a lot of people smack talking about him, saying that he can never replace Mako. But just because Mako is no longer with us, [May he rest in his peace] does not mean the Mr. Baldwin can replace him, his talents, or his accomplishments, but he can replace Iroh's future voice. In voice-acting, the words and voice is the only thing that makes a cartoon [to a cartoon lover] tangible. It is something that cannot be warped, and created out of thin air without a throat or a tongue to command it. Greg is a talented man, and I am glad and proud that he is completing one of Mako's unfinished businesses.moreless