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    • In Sept. 2006, Greg tried his hand at hosting a talk show. It was canceled on Jan. of 2007.

    • On Sept. 8th, 2006 Greg appeared on Chicago's WGN Morning News to answer relationship questions from viewers on the street.

    • Greg is the front-man of a band called Black Rattle. The group produces heavy metal versions of popular children's songs such as 'Itsy-bitsy Spider.'

    • Greg is not only a stand-up comedian and actor but is also a motivational speaker.

    • Greg played rugby and was a business major at the University of Oregon before changing to theater.

    • Greg met Liz Tuccillo, the co-author of his best-seller, 'He's Just Not That Into You', while working on "Sex and the City".

    • After Greg's HBO Special, 'Man-tastic', he was approached by "Sex and the City" executive producer, Michael Patrick King, and was asked to join the writing staff of the show.

    • Greg credits the comedy group, Un-Cabaret, with starting his path to success.

    • Greg was once roommates with David Cross.

    • Greg is considered an "expert" on dating and relationships.

    • Greg and his wife have two young daughters.

    • In 2001, Variety named Greg as one of the "10 Comics to Watch."

    • Greg: I rarely sit down to write something. I usually have an experience and relate it to somebody and go, there I connected some dots, you know? That's what makes people laugh. And then you go and take it on the stage and sometimes it works and sometimes people go, "What's he talking about?" I don't know; I thought it was it funny in the kitchen.

    • Greg and his wife, Amiira Ruotola-Behrendt, co-authored the book, 'It's Called a Break-up Because It's Broken'.

    • Greg co-authored a book based on a turn-of-phrase he created called, 'He's Just Not That Into You'. The book was a New York Times Bestseller.

  • Quotes

    • Greg: I mean, look at Steven Tyler -- fingernail polish and scarves and all female attention. That to me is so much more interesting than knocking the s*** out of somebody.

    • Greg: And a breakup was probably the most significant thing that happened to me in my life. It changed me for better. And so I wanted to put that in the book. My wife wanted to put this in the book and give that to people, so that you don`t labor on those things for so long with so much hope, you know, waiting for someone to come around when they`ve already clearly moved along, you know?

    • Greg: I think tattoos are hot. My wife has a couple of tattoos but I think a woman with sleeves is outstanding.

    • Greg: I never understood the power of Oprah because I never watched it until after I was asked to go on. Every girl friend and even some dudes were telling me that it was going to be major.

    • Greg: Although I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict I still feel that drugs should be legalized. I think it creates a problem when something like that becomes illegal. It didn't work for me but everyone is on their own journey. I have one daughter and one in the oven so I will tell them that it didn't work for me but they will have to make their own informed choices.

    • Greg: I get amazing letters from women that I've changed their lives and I always have to point out to them that they changed their lives and that I just maybe put a spotlight, maybe, on the problem. It's not good to give people credit for the changes you've made. You have to acknowledge that you manned up and got out of your sh***y situation. You know, I may have pointed out to you that it was sh***y, but it takes a lot to extricate yourself from things that don't work in your life. (On the response from his book, He's Just Not That Into You)

    • Greg: Okay, if you were really talking about the counter culture, and punk -- I would say going to see Richie Sambora and Kenny Rogers is so much more punk than going to see Green Day, I can't even believe it. Everyone is sort of marching in step to go see Green Day whereas you're doing something that most people are not. Especially that combo, where you put those two together. You may be the coolest person I've ever talked to. And you have no shame -- you feel good about going to see the Gambler and the guitarist from Bon Jovi. I think you are the coolest person I've ever met. So you did not fail that test. That test is rigged anyway and Warner Brothers made that. It's only kind of funny.