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    • Greg: (On getting ideas for episodes of The Office) The basketball episode [last season] came from the father of one of my kid's friends. He was telling me his law firm has a softball game every year to improve morale between the partners and the support staff. The lawyers are so competitive that even though they know the game is to increase morale, they make these really insulting T-shirts -- like they'll have the shirts read essential personnel and nonessential personnel. I hear a lot of stories like that.

    • Greg: (When asked about his previous work experience) I have almost no experience in any job other than being a TV writer but I had summer jobs and jobs when I wasn't employed, like I was a paralegal. My dad was a business man his whole career and my brothers are in business so I get a lot of good stories from them.

    • Greg: (When asked why The Office did not continue during the strike after star Steve Carrell stepped down) For a show to keep going without a showrunner, it's like selling water and white powder and calling it milk.

    • Greg Daniels: (When asked if he would like to work on a television set other than The Office) I would like to work on Lost which is shot in Hawaii.

    • Greg: (On coming up with ideas for episodes of The Office) We have long meetings where we sit around and discuss the stories. Sometimes I'll give exercises, like we have to come up with five ideas in the next half hour. Anything we come up with that sounds funny, we write on an index card and put on the corkboard. It's pretty old-fashioned. We don't use PowerPoint.