Greg Finley (II)

Greg Finley (II)


12/22/1984, Portland, Maine, USA

Birth Name

Gregory P. Finley II


  • Megan Park stars as Grace Bowman and Gre...
  • Megan Park stars as Grace Bowman and Gre...
  • Greg Finley stars as Jack Pappers in Sea...
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    • Greg: (about his role in The Secret Life of the American Teenager) Well, I play Jack, who is the Christian, virgin quarterback, and he's like the jock of the school but it's kind of cool because he's not getting with all the ladies. Because he's very shy and because he's very frustrated with his girlfriend because she wants to wait 'til they're married. So it's like he's trying to you know (pauses) get her to have sex with him and stuff like that and it's you know. He's not smooth, he's not the smoothest guy on campus, and you know, usually the head jock is. He just fumbles amd stuff like that.

    • Greg: (about The Secret Life of the American Teenager) The reason I love the show so much is it's so real. It deals with all aspects of life. You have the religious teenagers, the rebelious teenagers, you have the goody-goody teenagers, you have the bad boy. So it's basically about the teenage life you know?

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