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  • Greg Giraldo is a very talented comedian who will be remembered long after his death. Now while we are far from his death it wouldn't hurt to take a look at this marvel of a comedian.

    Greg Giraldo is among the top names in comedy today. He has performed multiple stage and television shows. He has hosted a couple shows of his own including "The Greg Giraldo Show". Now you would think that with this history and his name in the comedy circle that he'd be a little more successful. Let's think for a moment, how many people do you know that are fans of Giraldo? Truth is most people who watch Comedy Central know Giraldo but a large amount of Americans don't even watch Comedy Central. A large proportion of Greg Giraldos television appearances are on Comedy Central. He has been on practically every Comedy Central Roast as well as the TBS Roast of Cheech&Chong. He was a judge on "The Gong Show With Dave Attell" multiple times as well as several appearances on "Lewis Blacks: Root Of All Evil". Yet Greg Giraldo lacks any filmography or real fame outside of Comedy Central. But what Greg Giraldo has other than a terrible agent is pure unfaltering comedic talent. Greg Giraldo can best be commended for skills in observational comedy and his hilarious rants. He has a knack for delivering punch lines to his always hilarious jokes. He has great stage personality that is sure to get him far in his career. In summary Greg Giraldo, has the talent to be a famous celebrity but who just hasn't reached that point yet. Who knows what the future holds for Greg Giraldo. The next decade or maybe even year may wield surprising results for this rising star. I give Mr. Giraldo my good wishes in the advancement of his career.