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  • I have a fan crush on him. Need I say more?

    I'm not one of those people that will watch an actor for all their pieces of work, but for him, I would reconsider. I think he's great, I think he's good-looking, I think he needs more scenes in Heroes. I guess I'll never be a review writer, I can't think of anything else to say. He plays his character on Heroes well and I'm sure he's aware of this. But I think the important thing is that he's good looking and a good actor, double-threat, look out (insert large movie star here) you've got competition. I think the review word counter is broken, p.s.
  • Review

    It seems that every show Greg gets involved in he manages to land in that filler role, just one spot away from being the leader of the show. I know him from Alias - where his character Eric Weiss was the behind the scenes kind of guy when it came to going on missions. He would get up and go eveyr now and again, but for the most part he was the backgroudn character. Season 4 was his best season on that show, devoloping a relationship with Ron Rifkins on screen daugher.

    I also know him from Heroes, where even though he is consider apart of the main cast I still dont view him as being a lockdown for the series. Peter, Claire, Bennet, Hrio, Sylar - these are the stars of Heroes and I wish that Greg Gunberg could get a role where he is the leader of the show. He has the talen and has stayed in the background for far too long. Right now he is on season 2 of Heroes and Ill continue to enjoy watching him while he plays his mini part in the series.
  • My Favorite Actor !!!

    he is sooo Funny And So talented I'love Him I'll watch heroes only to see him acting I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,I'love Him ,,
  • Great actor!

    I hope and pray that he becomes a bigger star
    And that he does have the talent
    Greg was great in Alias
    And that I am glad that he is coming back
    To the final four shows of the series
    He was was definately missed a lot
    Well by me btw LOL!!
    But I hope and pray that he will break out
    And become an even bigger star
    Now that Alias will be no more at all
    Come May 2006!!
  • some new information about his beginnings

    Just thought I\'d time in that I saw Greg on CARD SHARKS today on GSN. He was younger and lost to an old lady. The host said he was a women\'s clothes salesperson. okay...on the other subject....I really enjoy him on Alias. He is fun to watch with Nadia, and I am sorry that he is leavig the show.
  • A slow-burn straightman who can do drama and comedy!

    I only know Greg Grundberg from his work on Alias, and was one of the handful of folks concerned when he was shot in the throat.

    I have come to really enjoy Eric Weiss, funny pal and secret agent ("You're undercover, aren't you?") who was finally allowed a bit of character freedom last season. We've seen Weiss play confidante to buddy Michael Vaughn, have a crush on Sydney himself, as new buddy to Marshall, giving Jack funny comebacks- and live, as well as the scariest role to take-potential son-in-law to Arvin Sloane! There was lots of good lines given to Weiss, but he was also allowed to kick butt and fire weapons as well.

    Still, there was an exciting iron in the fire- a pilot for a PI series with Don Rickles as his dad!
    The pilot did not sell, and Alias fans were glad to see Weiss around a bit longer. Still, it'd be great to see him branch out into other roles, if not other genres, like the Private Investigator genre.

    The devoted dad and husband would be a cool choice for a family drama, especially if there was a healthy dose of comedy! He's very much a leading man, a guys can identify with and ladies seem to find very cute.

    So,here's to Greg Grundberg! I know I'll follow Mr.Grundberg to whichever role he plays.
  • Whether it's the best friend next door, comic relief, or a plane pilot that gets eaten by a creepy island monster, Greg's talented in all the roles he's played so far.

    I have enjoyed Greg Grunberg in everything I've seen him in so far, starting with Felicity. I am going to be bummed not to see him on Alias! He was really great on the show. Also, I totally enjoyed his cameo in LOST as the pilot that unfortunately is gobbled up by the island beast. I wish him the best of luck in his future as an actor!