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    It seems that every show Greg gets involved in he manages to land in that filler role, just one spot away from being the leader of the show. I know him from Alias - where his character Eric Weiss was the behind the scenes kind of guy when it came to going on missions. He would get up and go eveyr now and again, but for the most part he was the backgroudn character. Season 4 was his best season on that show, devoloping a relationship with Ron Rifkins on screen daugher.

    I also know him from Heroes, where even though he is consider apart of the main cast I still dont view him as being a lockdown for the series. Peter, Claire, Bennet, Hrio, Sylar - these are the stars of Heroes and I wish that Greg Gunberg could get a role where he is the leader of the show. He has the talen and has stayed in the background for far too long. Right now he is on season 2 of Heroes and Ill continue to enjoy watching him while he plays his mini part in the series.