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    • Greg: (If he could read minds)
      I want in to the mind of Tim Kring so bad you have no idea! As actors on this amazing show, we are subjected to just as much of a rollercoaster ride as the viewers. We just get to take the ride a few weeks before you do. Tim and Dennis and Jesse and Joseph and Alan and Bryan and Michael and Greg and all the other geniuses behind this show know what lies ahead, but they won't give it up! That sucks as an actor, when the material is this good and the twists and turns can either take you to the top of the food chain or bury you, never to be seen again. Let someone else use the power of mind-reading for the greater good of society...I just want to use it to keep my job on this show. I LOVE MY JOB! Can I take my head out of Tim's ass now, please?