Greg Kinnear





6/17/1963 , Logansport, Indiana, USA

Birth Name

Greg Kinnear




Greg was born on June 17th, 1963 in Logansport, Indiana and is best known for his role as Richard in "Little Miss Sunshine."

When Greg was a child, he and his family traveled a lot because of his father's job at the State Department.

Greg lived in many major European cities during his childhood, but it was while living in Athens that Greg discovered his love for show business. His first acting experience was as the host of his school's "Daze Show," which was a school program hosted by the Armed Forces Radio about all the school events of that day.

After graduating from University, Greg continued his love for show business and worked as an assistant for a low budget Hollywood distributor. He helped with ad campaigns for some motion pictures before realizing his true calling was to be in front of the camera, not behind it.

He decided that acting was what his passion was and landed a tiny role in a TV movie titled, "What Price Victory."

Although Greg's career did not catapult like he had hoped, he decided to keep trying. He sent in an audition tape to the MovieTime Channel in hopes of landing a job. Not too long after, he was hired as their entertainment reporter until the MovieTime Channel became E! Entertainment Television, at which point Greg was fired.

Greg's career continued to struggle but he always managed to find work. In 1991, he hosted FOX's "Best of the Worst" but that gig did not last long.

After the show was canceled Greg was re-hired by E! and hosted "Talk Soup."

Although Greg enjoyed working at E!, he decided that he should move on to bigger and better things and took a job working for the NBC show, "Late." Although the ratings were terrible, Greg was hailed by critics and he soon departed from the show.

Meanwhile, he made his movie debut playing a talk show host in "Blankman" starring Damon Wayans.

After his first movie role, Greg appeared in major Hollywood disasters but has since turned his career around.

He was nominated for an Oscar for playing Jack Nicholson's gay neighbor in "As Good As It Gets," and Meg Ryan's boyfriend in "You've Got Mail." He has also appeared in "Mystery Men," "We Were Soliders," Stuck On You," "The Matador," and "Little Miss Sunshine."