Greg Page





1/16/1972 , Sydney, Australia

Birth Name

Gregory John Page




Greg's love for music started at a young age. When he was just a wee boy he used to climb into his parents bed in the morning to listen to his favorite station, 2CH. It was from this young age that his love for music grew. His favorite musicians include Crowded House and Elvis. His sport of choice would be Cricket. He played from ages 12-18 but had to stop when he was in college becoming an Early Childhood Educator and became the lead singer of The Wiggles in 1991 as part of his school project. He is also a very talented magician, if you have seen him on The Wiggles you know what fun it is to watch Magic Greg try to pull a rabbit out of his hat. His favorite foods include pizza, pasta, tacos, chicken w/cashew nuts, and roast pork. His favorite colors are yellow (of course), dark blue and burgundy.