Greg Raposo





5/3/1985 , Manhasset, New York

Birth Name

Gregory Frank Raposo




Greg is now 21-years-old and working on his sophomore album. His first album, self-titled "Greg Raposo", has been a huge success. He's rightfully earned tons of adoring (mainly female) fans all over the country and the number keeps growing. He's always on the road, doing more gigs and singing more songs. Check out for more.

He has 3 younger sisters (Nicole,Danielle,and Amanda)

His moms name is Maryann.

His hobbies are playing the guitar, soccer and basketball.

His favorite color is orange.

His favorite kind of cars are a Porsche or BMW or Lexus - he can't decide, but he owns a Lexus.

His favorite candy is Pez

His favorite tv show is Friends

His favorite movie is the Matrix

His favorite actor is Robin Williams and

His favorite actress is Jennifer Love Hewwit.

He has a new band named Raposo