Greg Rikaart

Greg Rikaart


2/26/1978, Staten Island, New York, USA

Birth Name

Greg Andrew Rikaart



Also Known As

Greg Rikkaart
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Prior to landing his current contract role as Kevin Fisher on "The Young and the Restless," Greg Rikaart, a Hollywood newcomer, had been recurring on "Dawson's Creek" (Warner Brothers) since September 2002 after wrapping up two features, "X-Men 2" for 20th Century Fox and "Prey For…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Greg is an exceptional actor! He is also a natural! You cannot look at his face when delivering his lines, and believe every word he says is right on target! His face says it all!moreless

    Wonderful and Naturally talented actore! I met him in San Francisco, and he was just as charming and sweet as he appears to be (at times) on TV! He is Handsome beyond words! I can really see him going far in his field! I only wish that they would have his character on the front burner, like it was before, instead of just showing him in the Gloria Capers!! I think he can definetly hold his own in that area, and has proven it many times before! I would love to see him and Jenna get a lot more romantic too!!!

  • Greg Andrew Rikaart is an actor that's mezmorizing when he is performing. He has depth, comedic timing, charm, charisma and the IT factor. He's also a smart actor knowing how much to give in each scene he does. Now a daytime Emmy winner... the best is yetmoreless

    Many fans discovered Greg during his current Emmy winning role as Kevin Fisher on Y&R, while others discovered him in other television and movie appearances. But the tie that binds us together is the admiration of a talent who never ceases to amaze and emotionally move us!

    We believe that Greg is one of a kind in real and reel life. His raw and magnetic talent keeps us glued to his work on screen and off screen his charming personality makes us love him. He is an actor we believe is a gifted talent!

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