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  • Really A Real Fan

    This Guy is the master piece behind Young Justice Invasion he talent he's done a great job producing YJI
  • If Greg Weisman never did anything else in his life, Gargoyles would be enough to consider his life worthwhile.

    This is it y'all. The man who created the greatest and most underappreciated animated series in history, Greg Weisman of the Gargoyles! He made sure everything was added and done right to this masterpiece and to this day, makes sure his work of art doesn't get trashed in the comics.
    Other works of his include writing a few episodes for "The Batman" (he actually wrote the darker episodes), "Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!", and being a producer and writer for "W.I.T.C.H." He's an avid person who puts a lot of work, passion, and dedication into what he does that he doesn't make it tiresome. There'll hardly ever be anyone else quite like him.

    Thank you Greg Weisman!
  • An outstanding writer, creator, producer, and human being.

    Greg Weisman is, without a doubt, one of the most talented writers animation has ever known. His brilliance is equal only to his enthusiasm and dedication. He has passion and vision and infuses both into his shows. With a genius both incredibly single-minded and wonderfully comprehensive, he can turn anything he sets his mind to into a masterpiece. He is as hard-working as he is gifted. His bustling imagination is original, epic, humorous, ambitious, and has the means of its ambition thanks to his detailed, well thought-out approach to storytelling. He is a true master of his genre, and would deserve to be more often acknowledged by his peers as such.