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    I watched the whole 1st season of "The Riches" and thought Gregg Henry was terrific! I wasn't too familiar with his work before this series, but he was funny, tragic, crass, slimy, tortured, and ultimately very sympathetic and totally entertaining. Hugh is one of my favorite characters on television, thanks to the performance (which is a perfect compliment to the writing). Can't wait to see Season 2 in two weeks! -BC
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    He's the main reason I started watching "The Riches" - my first and one of my favorite roles of his was in "Body Double" back in 1984 - he played a wonderfully conniving sleaze in that. Check out some of his other tv roles like his guest appearance in "Airwolf" - there's no character actor today, to me, other than Jeffrey Combs, that can play sleazy villains you love to hate the way Gregg can.
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