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  • This guy is funny; I love to see him on the Riches. Give it the old Panco Punch!!!! And he does.

    I think this is one of the best characters on this show. The dialogue between Eddie (Wayne/ Doug) and Gregg (Hugh Panetta) are great. Hugh is such a butt hole or **** as Wayne/ Doug says. Hugh is a strait shooter and his willingness to take chances with the projects he builds is great. For example, when he built homes where there are alligators and a homeowner lost a hand working in her garden. Hugh’s response was classic, “I didn't create alligators, I'm not God”. He feels that is what the entire case is about, funny. The best was when he made Wayne/ Doug fire the person he was hired to replace. That is being a true leader. Probably makes for an interesting and stressful work environment. . We will see if he makes Wayne/ Doug a partner in Panco. That relationship should get real interesting. Give it the old Panco Punch!