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Gregg Rogell


Long island NY ?

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  • Gregg Rogell holds one of the funniest spots in \"The Aristocrats!\" His stand up is hilarious. I see him in a sit-com before too long. It\'s a shame. Such a talented performer going unnoticed.moreless

    I love this guy! I have been checking out stand up comedians for twenty-five years and I haven\'t heard one that excited me like this for a long time. I usually don\'t write reviews for anything, but I had to put my opinion out there once I saw someone had given him a negative review. There are few comics out there today who have the ability to surprise me the way Rogell does. I haven\'t been able to find a lot of his material, but the bits I have found have cracked me up. Check him out and see for yourself.moreless
  • I really think this guy is a jerk and should not deserve to be a comedian. His jokes are racial and against everything. The guy freakin looks like an idiot on stage, get your freakin nose done.Have never seen a more racist guy in my life. Get out of this.moreless

    This guy should deserve a negative 20 on the scale. He is not funny and he should rather work in a circus than be on comedy central. His jokes are not even funny and they are disgrace to himself. He looks like an idiot just laughing at himself and thinking others will laugh too.