Gregory Helms

Gregory Helms


7/12/1974, Smithfield, North Carolina, USA

Birth Name

Gregory Shane Helms



Also Known As

Hurricane Helms, Shane Helms, Sugar Shane Helms, The Hurricane
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Stand back! There's a Hurricane comin' through!! Gregory Helms, noticeably The Hurricane from Vince McMahon's WWF SmackDown! roster is a Superhero!! When The Alliance first Invaded the WWF, The Hurricane was a full fleged member. Hurricane made a big impact when turing into a SuperHero, and winning the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Gregory Helms is a Great wrestler. one of the best cruiserweights. he can do anything that the company wants him to do like being the Hurricane

    Gregory Helms is a Great wrestler he can do anything that the company wants him to do like being the Hurricane. He made his Professional Wrestling Debut on July 6, 1991. The Hurricane character was an idea of Stone Cold Steve Austin. he is so cool and he deserves better. Is WWE Debut was in July 2001. Gregory has had great feuds with The Rock(best of his career) His childhood friends Matt and Jeff Hardy. With Matt it was over who was better than the other. Gregory has great charisma, mic skills, and he is a great wrestler his finisher is the shining Wizard. before WWE he wrestled for WCW. Gregory Helms is a 2 time tag team champion(Kane, Rosey) a 3 time Cruiserweight champion. He is the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion and longest reigning champion ever. Gregory Helms has had a different gimmick in each of his 3 Cruiserweight Championship reigns. A European champion A 2 time hardcore champion once in WCW and WWE. He will be a future world champion hopefully.moreless
  • Is a great wrestler

    Helms make a perfect heel champion, he never defends his title and is arrogant and that is why I like his gimmick so well. I believe he is one of the best cruiserweights on Smackdown and should be fighting for his title each and every week to win it back.