Gregory Itzin

Gregory Itzin


4/20/1948, Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Birth Name

Gregory Itzin



Also Known As

Greg Itzin
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Gregory Itzin is an accomplished American TV actor. He has featured in over a hundred different projects, in film and television.

Gregory moved to Burlington, WI at the age of 6. He decided to get into acting from an early age and eventually went to The…more


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    • Gregory: The degree to which well-dressed, seemingly sensible human beings carry on about 24 continues to astonish me. [The cast] had an after-hours tour of the Supreme Court. It turns out Clarence Thomas is a huge fan. Then, at the White House, Karl Rove showed us aroung the Oval Office and called me Mr. President. That was quite a moment for a dyed-in-the-wool liberal like myself.

    • Gregory Itzin: First of all when you're playing the President, you don't give a damn about other things! So there's a certain good baggage that goes along with the bad baggage. What do I play next though, the Pope, God?

    • Gregory Itzin: (working on 24) If you're doing a phone scene – and there are so many phone scenes on 24 – you get called in and you sit on the set while they're talking to you on the phone. And that's very rare.

    • Gregory Itzin: (on his rather 'quick' love scene on the fifth season of 24) I had a helicopter to catch! But no, it was slightly embarrassing, but I can handle it, I'm an actor.

    • Gregory Itzin: (on his reaction to the change of his character, Charles Logan on the fifth season of 24) At first I was very, What? What? No! Wait! Stop! but ultimately I trusted them, because they have a hit show and they know what they're doing. And interestingly enough, once he did this, he became more popular, people liked him more. And I think, simply, it's because he finally became decisive and people like their villains to be clear-cut or something like that.

    • Gregory Itzin: (on his role in 24) When I talk to fans, I get that they love to hate the President, and that's fine. I think the challenge in this role is to be very good in making him very bad, and perhaps out of that, something good will come.

    • Gregory Itzin: (on his role as President Charles Logan in 24) I tried to do that because at the beginning, I had high hopes that I would be a President to admire.

  • Not sure...

    He was probably perfect for this part - but really could not

    stand to watch him...he looks like turtle... his parts drove me

    crazy - and I was glad when he was gone...sorry to see that he just kept coming back...just did not care for him.
  • As President Logan on 24, Gregory Itzin played the most terrifying character on television. I would rather have dinner with Freddie Kreuger than Charles Logan.

    This man has a chilling presence as an actor. He is the master at playing a smiling, sneaky con artist who will murder you for your lunch money. He often plays a character who has scammed his way into power. As President Charles Logan on 24, he was a world-class confidence man who could out-lie, out-sneak and out-hustle the most vicious tyrants, terrorists, master criminals and world politicians. In the last season of 24, he played the ex-President as the devil incarnate who corrupts President Taylor with his twisted rationalizations for evil. President Logan was the most terrifying character on television. I would rather have dinner with Freddie Kreuger than Charles Logan.

    In Murder One, he again played a fake nice guy smooth-talking D.A. who only a crazy person would trust. And in Firefly, he played a predatory warlord on a planet in space. In Firefly, there was no fake smile, just the bone-chilling glare of ruthlessness. Gregory Itzin uses his eyes to look into your soul and terrify you with the fear that the whole world is corrupt, there are no morals anywhere and humanity is a race of rattlesnakes. He is an excellent actor.moreless