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  • Not sure...

    He was probably perfect for this part - but really could not

    stand to watch him...he looks like turtle... his parts drove me

    crazy - and I was glad when he was gone...sorry to see that he just kept coming back...just did not care for him.
  • As President Logan on 24, Gregory Itzin played the most terrifying character on television. I would rather have dinner with Freddie Kreuger than Charles Logan.

    This man has a chilling presence as an actor. He is the master at playing a smiling, sneaky con artist who will murder you for your lunch money. He often plays a character who has scammed his way into power. As President Charles Logan on 24, he was a world-class confidence man who could out-lie, out-sneak and out-hustle the most vicious tyrants, terrorists, master criminals and world politicians. In the last season of 24, he played the ex-President as the devil incarnate who corrupts President Taylor with his twisted rationalizations for evil. President Logan was the most terrifying character on television. I would rather have dinner with Freddie Kreuger than Charles Logan.

    In Murder One, he again played a fake nice guy smooth-talking D.A. who only a crazy person would trust. And in Firefly, he played a predatory warlord on a planet in space. In Firefly, there was no fake smile, just the bone-chilling glare of ruthlessness. Gregory Itzin uses his eyes to look into your soul and terrify you with the fear that the whole world is corrupt, there are no morals anywhere and humanity is a race of rattlesnakes. He is an excellent actor.
  • An absolutely phenomenal actor playing one of my favourite characters of 24.

    *Spoiler Warning*

    The acting of this guy is simply amazing. As President of the United States, you are required to make some impossible choices, and for the likes of Charles Logan, this doesn't seem to be his strong point. The way Gregory Itzin acts hesitant and indecisive is quite amazing. I love how he acts like he really is struggling and how he requires the assistance of advisors all the time.

    Once he was revealed to be the villain of Season 5, I was awed by the sudden turn of his character, and all of a sudden, he was decisive and kept his own consul. The way Itzin managed to adapt and change into a completely different style was excellent. At his speech over David Palmer's funeral, I wanted to leap into the screen and shoot him ala Jack and Victor Drazen in Season 1. I just hated his character, but I loved to.

    Gregory Itzin should have been a bigger star. It is such a shame that he isn't widely known, but here's hoping that he picks up a more prominent role after his work on 24.
  • Review

    I only know Itzin from his works on 24, but with the job he did on that show I have a hard time believing that this actor is anything but amazing on every single job he does. I loved the contrast his character showed between Season 4 and Season 5, going from scared president to a president that was working with the terrorists. I thought his acting in both seasons was sensational, mainly his recurring role in season 4. Playing the part of someone who is afraid of just about every major decision that comes his way is no easy task, but Itzin really made me feel that his character was extremly scared at most of the things that were thrown at him. His performance in Season 5 was also brilliant, providing us with an entertaining sidestory on 24 for a change, which helped led Season 5 to be without question the best in the shows history.
  • In a show as rediculous as 24 you need believable characters and no-one comes close to Gregory Itzin.

    Every time I see President Charles Logan onscreen I want to smash the tv so I can climb in and throttle him senseless. Very rarely does a tv show or character have such an emotional effect on me. I now find myself hating the Logan but loving Itzin, this wasn't supposed to happen. I would like to see more of this actor as he is excellent though I'm not sure how long his stint in 24 will last. Good work Gregory, I'm a fan.