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    • Gregory: The degree to which well-dressed, seemingly sensible human beings carry on about 24 continues to astonish me. [The cast] had an after-hours tour of the Supreme Court. It turns out Clarence Thomas is a huge fan. Then, at the White House, Karl Rove showed us aroung the Oval Office and called me Mr. President. That was quite a moment for a dyed-in-the-wool liberal like myself.

    • Gregory Itzin: First of all when you're playing the President, you don't give a damn about other things! So there's a certain good baggage that goes along with the bad baggage. What do I play next though, the Pope, God?

    • Gregory Itzin: (working on 24) If you're doing a phone scene – and there are so many phone scenes on 24 – you get called in and you sit on the set while they're talking to you on the phone. And that's very rare.

    • Gregory Itzin: (on his rather 'quick' love scene on the fifth season of 24) I had a helicopter to catch! But no, it was slightly embarrassing, but I can handle it, I'm an actor.

    • Gregory Itzin: (on his reaction to the change of his character, Charles Logan on the fifth season of 24) At first I was very, What? What? No! Wait! Stop! but ultimately I trusted them, because they have a hit show and they know what they're doing. And interestingly enough, once he did this, he became more popular, people liked him more. And I think, simply, it's because he finally became decisive and people like their villains to be clear-cut or something like that.

    • Gregory Itzin: (on his role in 24) When I talk to fans, I get that they love to hate the President, and that's fine. I think the challenge in this role is to be very good in making him very bad, and perhaps out of that, something good will come.

    • Gregory Itzin: (on his role as President Charles Logan in 24) I tried to do that because at the beginning, I had high hopes that I would be a President to admire.