Gregory R. Haerr

Gregory R. Haerr

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  • From one giving his life to those most in need. Angel with broken wings !

    I am so mystified as to those /wealthy as to how they determine ,again how but more 'why' they decide to give to ... billionaire's it appears love to construct buildings and have their names etched on them for then the humble /rich which actually face the needy. I guess it's in the soul .I love the series as they remove them selves from the comforts and see first hand the needs and inject $$ to those that need! The super wealthy piss me off for that very reason !! on the brink of bankruptcy GAVE a man a full length smoke as he was collecting 'butt's. I went and bought him two pkg's of hot dogs and some cooking oil. I offered more but his reaction was beyond said that is all after I offered him more of foods that I paid for.. I witnessed the goose bumps on his arm and tears on his face and for ever thankful as I departed. Again I am facing bankruptcy but it's in my soul to help . Now I am facing eviction since I cannot afford my home 64 ,and terribly ill. All my life I've been a GIVING soul and have been robbed and taken advantage of but still willing to help directly to those I see ! All my life I gave and helped and now "I" need it where do I go ?moreless