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  • Gretchen

    If I remember correctly she was blindsided and realized Richard authored it. Her exit was saying to him "You're good!" and telling the others "Watch him."
  • Not a lot of people remember Gretchen Cordy.. Or have ever heard of Gretchen Cordy.. Well, read on..

    So, you ask me, who is Gretchen Cordy? Well, Gretchen is from season 1 of Survivor. (I expect a lot of people to click the back button here, instead of continuing. That's fine.)

    Gretchen is (or, at the time, was) a married homemaker, mother of two children, a part-time pre-school teacher and a former US survivals expert. And, a really nice lady to boot.

    What does all this mean? A-She's a really nice lady. B-She had the most survival skills out of all the survivors. C-Out of all the survivors, she had 'most likely to win' written on her forehead. Gretchen deserved to win Survivor, and the million dollars. But she didn't. The fat, balding homosexual won. (Put on some pants, ya hippy!)

    I don't want to get into the details, so I'll just throw out some Reality Game Show words to explain quickly: Alliance, Threat, No Immunity, Vote, the Tribe has spoken.

    And that was the end of Gretchen Cordy. If you type "Gretchen Cordy" into wikipedia, you'll find a link to the Survivor page. There is no other information on the website, other than her rank in the contest. Eight of the sixteen contestants have seperate pages, listing who they are. Six of these are the Survivors everyone hated.

    Basically, if you're hated on a reality show, you get your own page on Wikipedia. Otherwise, no page.

    Uh, sorry, I've been very angry about Gretchen losing for six years now, so I'm just venting about it now.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention, when Gretchen came to Canada's Wonderland, Ontario, I was there. Unfortunately, I only got Ramona's signature.

    Screw Flanders!