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  • Trivia

    • Gretchen dropped out of school in the eighth grade.

    • In 2006, Gretchen signed a deal with Warner Books. The title of her book will be I'll Tell You What a Redneck Woman Is.

    • Gretchen currently lives in Lebanon, TN.

    • Gretchen started working at Big O's bar beside her mother at the age of 14.

    • Gretchen performed at the 2006 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota.

    • Gretchen's first hit, "Redneck Woman," in 2004, reached Billboard's #1 faster than any hit since 1992, when Billy Ray Cyrus' song, "Achy Breaky Heart," climbed to #1.

    • Gretchen's mother was only 16 when she was born, and her father left the family when she was only 2 years old. When she was 10, she was forced to help raise her baby brother.

    • Gretchen covered Billie Holiday's song Good Morning, Heartache, as a hidden track on All Jacked Up album. The song was originally written by Billie in 1946.

    • Gretchen has performed live on the 2006 CMT Music Awards, with the song All Jacked Up. in the 2005's ceremony, she performed with I Don't Feel Like Loving You Today.

    • Gretchen, before relocating to Nashville, used to sing every night at the local Big O's bars, earning some tips.

    • Gretchen was nominated for the Video of the Year Award at the April 2006's CMT Music Awards, for the song "All Jacked Up."

    • Gretchen used to sing with bar bands until her twenties.

    • Gretchen performed as a support act for Brooks & Dunn, and for Montgomery Gentry, in order to advance her first album Here For The Party.

    • Singles List:

      Album: Here For The Party
      1. Redneck Woman (2004).
      2. Here for the Party (2004).
      3. When I Think About Cheatin (2005).
      4. Homewrecker (2005).

      Album: All Jacked Up
      5. All Jacked Up (2005).
      6. I Don't Feel Like Loving You Today (2005).
      7. Politically Uncorrect (2006).
      8. California Girls (2006).

    • Gretchen was a member of MuzikMafia, an informal Country group, that was meeting every week, writing and singing altogether. She was added by John Rich, ex-member of Lonestar.

    • Gretchen is nicknamed "Redneck Woman", after her first hit single, that was #1 on the US Country Chart.

    • Gretchen's first album, Here For The Party, peaked to #2 on the US Albums Chart, and sold 4.3 million copies, making it Platinum x4.

    • Gretchen's hit, Politically Uncorrect, features the legendary Merle Haggard, one of Bakersfield sound creators.

    • Gretchen was awarded Breakthrough Artist of the Year in the 2004's American Music Awards.

    • Gretchen has a dog called Sanford.

    • Gretchen tours with a bus called "Bus 27" - 27 is her lucky number, and it's also her age when giving birth to Grace.

    • She is the 2005 CMA Female Vocalist of the Year.

    • Gretchen has a daughter named Grace Frances Penner who was born in 2000. The father is Mike Penner.

  • Quotes

    • Gretchen Wilson: What I'm doing has definitely been done before, it just hasn't been done in a long time. It's not perfect and it's not glamorous.

    • Gretchen Wilson: (about Kenny Chesney's Marriage to Renée Zellweger) I think they jumped in head-first and then realized that they, you know, maybe should have gotten to know each other a little bit more first.

    • Gretchen Wilson: Each man creates his own destiny. It's up to you what you're going to do with your life. It's not up to anybody else.

    • Gretchen Wilson: It became apparent to me really fast that I wasn't going to be able to make a living and pay my bills playing on Broadway.

    • Gretchen Wilson: (about featuring Merle Haggard on Politically Uncorrect) It's un-believable, just the feeling that overcomes me as soon as his vocal kicks in on that, it's like 'Oh, my God, I can't believe that's him!'.

    • Gretchen Wilson: The great thing is getting to play for 8, 10, 12,000 people every night, ... Stepping out on stage and singing for everybody is what it's all about. It's awesome.