Gretel Killeen





2/3/1963 , Turramurra, New South Wales, Australia

Birth Name

Gretel Killeen




Gretel Killeen is one of Australia's most naturally beautiful looking women. Behind her gorgeous eyes and lovely smile, you will find that she is an inspirational role model, intelligent, witty, funny, generous and that she is a great communicator. Gretel started off studying law but after leaving that she found the stand-up comedy world and found that it was the right place for her to be.

Gretel found talent in voice-over work, which she still does today whenever she isn't in the Gold Coast for Big Brother. Gretel married at a young age but she divorced after having her second child. Since then Gretel has done radio work, more voice-over work, written more than 20 books, hosted Big Brother Australia, public speaking and most importantly done a lot of work for charities such as UNICEF which she became the ambassador for!