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    • Songs on her album The Small Time:
      The Brick
      Sabor la Mi
      Sing to Me
      Blue State of Mind
      Loving in the Past
      You Ain't Never

    • In a recent post on her MySpace pages, Grey DeLisle commented about her birthday being wrongly listed on IMDb and referenced Wikipedia.

    • Grey DeLisle is friends with fellow actress Tara Strong, with whom she has worked in several animated shows including Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Fairly Odd Parents, and Xiaolin Showdown.

    • Grey DeLisle released four music CDs, which include goth-inspired folk and Americana tunes, and a few gospel-style songs.

    • Grey DeLisle has had voice acting roles in many computer and video games, such as Escape from Monkey Island,, Baldur's Gate, and several Star Wars games.

    • Harp Magazine has called Grey DeLisle "golden-voiced" and recognized her for her roles in Fairly Oddparents and What's New, Scooby-Doo?

    • Grey DeLisle starred as the main villain in Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Grey DeLisle starred their as Jacqueline Natla, the most popular villain in Tomb Raider history.

    • In 2002, Grey DeLisle married musician Murry Hammond, the bassist for the Old 97's.

    • In a recent interview, Grey DeLisle claimed that of all the characters that she doesn't play, she would most like to be the voice actor for Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    • Grey DeLisle describes herself as a nice, "Polly-Anna" type of girl, which leads her to wonder why she keeps on getting such good, dark villainess roles.

    • Grey DeLisle has admitted that her favorite character to play is the cold hearted Princess Azula on Avatar: The Last Airbender. However, she goes on to say how it would've definitely been Mandy of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy if the show wasn't wrapped up.

    • She claims that her favorite character on Avatar: The Last Airbender is Mai, ironically a depressed-looking, teenage goth, shuriken specialist, best friends to her character, Princess Azula. She states that she just loves her "droll demeanor."

    • Grey DeLisle gave birth to her son, Jefferson Texas "Tex" Hammond on January 31, 2007.

    • Her birth name is Erin Grey Van Oosbree.

    • She has had voice acting roles in many computer and video games such as Escape from Monkey Island, Baldur's Gate and many Star Wars games.

    • Grey DeLisle has been married to Murry Hammond since 2002.

    • She was on "Inside the Nicktoons studio" on Nickelodeon where it showed her and four other cast members of Danny Phantom record a scene.

    • Songs on her album The Small Time:

      The Brick
      Sabor la Mi
      Sing to Me
      Blue State of Mind
      Loving in the Past
      You Ain't Never

    • Songs on her album Iron Flowers:

      Bohemian Rhapsody
      Right Now
      Who Made You King
      God's Got It
      Bloody Bucket
      Iron Flowers
      Sweet Little Bluebird
      Inside Texas
      Analog Journey into Flowers [Multimedia Track]

    • Songs on her album Graceful Ghost:

      Jewel of Albilene
      Sweet Saviors Arms
      Sharecroppin' Man
      Walking in a Line
      Maple Tree
      Tell Me True
      Turle Dove
      Black Haired Boy
      Katy Allen
      This White Cricle on My Finger
      Pretty Little Dreamer

    • Her album, Iron Flowers, was released on June 14, 2005.

    • Her album, Graceful Ghost, was released on March 16, 2004.

    • She is a multi-talented singer/songwriter, actor, autoharpist, and comedian.

    • She formed her own independent label, Hummin'bird Records, and released three albums, The Small Time in 2000, the live set Bootlegger, Vol. 1 in 2003, and Homewrecker in 2004.

    • She was a member of the all-girl cowpunk band Side Saddle in the late '90s.

    • Grey DeLisle moved to Los Angeles while still in her teens, where she began working a little in theater, even trying a standup comedy routine, where her natural ability to do voice impressions came to the fore.

    • Her mother, after struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism, became a born-again Pentecostal, and her strict ban on secular music in the home drove DeLisle to seek solace from her grandmother.

    • Her parents are divorced.

    • The two types of music styles she sings are Alternative Country and Americana.

    • She will be voicing Yumi on a Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi video game for the PS2 and GC that will be released in Septmber 2006 by D3P.

    • She learned Japanese from her co-stars "Janice Kawaye" and "Keone Young" on "Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi".

    • Grey is actually DeLisle's middle name, her first name is Erin.

    • Her Grandmother, Eva Flores Ruth, was a vocalist who worked with Tito Puente; she also influenced Grey DeLisle to pursue a career as a musician.

    • Grey DeLisle got her big break in the voice acting field when she got the role of Vicky in Nickelodeon's The Fairly OddParents in 1998. Shortly after she got that role, word of her talent began to spread and she received more job offers.

    • She was born into a family that loved music, though her parents got a divorce when she was at a very young age.

    • She wasn't permitted to wear pants or make-up after her mother became a born again Christian, so she wore mostly dresses during the earlier days of her life.

    • She has provided voices for over twenty different video games.

    • Grey DeLisle was once a fan of bands such as The Cure, though her mother forbid her to listen to such music after she became a born again Christian.

    • Her instrument of choice is the autoharp; she uses this instrument in some of her songs.

    • Her marriage to Murray Hammond was featured on an episode of A Wedding Story in 2002.

    • Grey DeLisle has released four music CDs, she typically performs goth-inspired folk and Americana songs, though some gospel songs are included on the CDs as well.

    • Grey DeLisle has appeared in several commercials for several companies, including Ford, Levi's Jeans, Mattel, Chrysler and Blue Cross, amongst others.

    • Grey DeLisle is married to Murray Hammond, the bassist for the band Old 97's.

    • Grey DeLisle's first role in the voice acting field was for the anime, Crayon Shin-chan, though it never aired in the United States and she didn't get another job in the field for several years.

    • Grey DeLisle provided the voice of Brianna in the LucasArts video game Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

    • Grey DeLisle is of Irish and Hispanic ethnical descent.

    • Grey DeLisle provided the voices of Child Bishop and Mystique in the video game X-Men Legends.

    • Grey DeLisle provided the voice of Vicions and Nalia in the video game Baldur's Gate II.

    • Grey DeLisle provided some voices for several minor characters in the ID Software video game Doom 3.

    • Grey DeLisle is most well known for providing voices for darker characters that are either into Gothic styles or are just cynical in nature.

    • Grey DeLisle provided the voice of Pakutak in the Square-Enix video game Final Fantasy X-2.

  • Quotes

    • Grey DeLisle: I feel like my music is just an extension of my acting. I treat the songs like scenes that tell a story... it's very similar. My favorite thing is when cartoon fans show up to my live gigs! They are always the most kick-butt audience members 'cause they're not trying to act all cool like a lot of the music fans do! It's refreshing!!

    • Grey Delisle: (about how she first decided to get into voice acting) I was always talking in weird voices from the time I was two. I guess I just found a way to keep doing it! I did get a degree in theater and took some voice-over classes... but most of it is just the same stuff I was doing as a kid!

    • Grey Delisle: (about Avatar The Last Airbender) I am ashamed to say... I haven't seen the show!! I hardly ever watch my own work. I just end up picking myself apart! I can't even stand to hear myself on voicemail. the sound of my own voice is like nails on a chalkboard. the same goes for my records.

    • Grey DeLisle: I hate to make a deal about it, but it sort of annoys me that my birthday is wrong in cyberworld! They have me down on Wikipedia (IMDb to be exact) as being born on August 10, 1972…when in actuallity, I was born August 24, 1973!!!! I know it's just a year and a few days difference, but it keeps me awake at night. Well…that…and the scary Santa Claus that Tom Hanks played in The Polar Express…that keeps me awake at night, too.

    • Grey DeLisle: Many thanks for all of the love and good wishes sent our way from my friends out there in cartoon land…the only place where a nine month pregnant woman can still play a hot goth chick in a belly shirt!

    • Grey DeLisle: Somehow, it seems that the sadder a song is, the happier I feel. The release of emotions that many would label as "negative" is actually a liberating process for me.