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    • Griff is a supporter of Ipswich Town FC, and often attends their games.

    • In June 2008, Griff was made President of the Civic Trust, as he has "a passionate, articulate advocate for our towns and cities whose architectural heritage, modern design and green space are hallmarks of our civilisation and integral to our national identity".

    • Along with fellow comedians Dara O'Briain and Rory McGrath, Griff recreated Jerome K. Jerome's boat trip from Three Men in a Boat for TV. They followed it up in 2007, with Three Men in Another Boat.

    • Griff narrated the audio version of Porterhouse Blue, by Tom Sharpe.

    • Griff has received Honorary Degrees from the following institutions:
      University of Glamorgan
      University of East Anglia

      He also has fellowships from:
      Bangor University (2008)
      The Welsh College of Music and Drama
      Emmanuel College, Cambridge
      Royals Society of Arts

    • Griff established Talkback Produtions with comedy partner Mel Smith, and it was responsible for iconic comedy shows such as Da Ali G Show, Smack the Pony and I'm Alan Partridge. He and Mel sold it to Pearson TV in 2000, and made about £20m each.

    • Between 1998 and 2003, Griff performed in The Griff Rhys Jones Radio Show, an improvisational sketch show, with fellow performers, Geoffrey McGivern and Simon Godley.

    • Griff is 5'8" tall.

    • Theatre Awards

      Olivier Awards
      Comedy Performance of the Year for Charley's Aunt (1983) (Won).
      Comedy Performance of the Year for Trumpets and Raspberries (1985) (Nomination).
      Comedy Performance of the Year for The Wind in the Willows (1991) (Nomination).
      Best Comedy Performance for An Absolute Turkey (1994) (Won)

  • Quotes

    • (on his outbursts)
      Griff: I'm at my worst in e-mails. An e-mail starts in a rational way and by the time I work my way down to writing what I really feel about somebody's script, that person never wants to meet me again.

    • (on driving through Italy with Mel Smith, while supposedly trying to write a film)
      Griff: We went for hours on "white roads" through the hills: at one point, the track ran out altogether, and we found ourselves hurtling through a wood, bashing into trees, then skidding into an abandoned quarry.

    • (on the contrast between himself and comedy partner Mel Smith)
      Griff: It's like another marriage. He is very straightforward and never loses his rag. I run around in a frenzy most of the time. London cabbies will say to me, 'Your mate Mel's a miserable bastard', but he's far more grounded than me.

    • (on his book, "Semi-Detached")
      Griff: I am really pleased that people enjoy it and yes really proud. Some people I admire liked it and it makes me proud and also I have always done things in teams and it is good I did something that was just me.

    • (on his book, "To the Baltic with Bob")
      Griff: When I wanted to write my first travel book, I bought a small boat and sailed to Russia and wrote about a midlife crisis. I managed to explore myself as much as the Gulf of Finland.

    • (on why he made a series about British mountains)
      Griff: Almost a third of our country is covered in mountains and I wanted to bring them to life and tell their stories. When you go to a mountain today there's still an element of exploration as you rise beyond the last drystone wall or sheep pasture and reach a separate environment; an undisturbed, wild place, ravaged by previous ice ages. It is so stimulating to find real wilderness in our overcrowded island.