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  • Guy u Rock

    Guy u ROCK! Question .... who the heck is that other guy?? He just doesn't have people skills, and EVERY SECOND COUNTS??? Dahhh I don't get it since it seems to me, all the people playing seem quite intelligent! 60 seconds is 60 seconds ........ Anywho I just figured I would share my thoughts i hope to see you more then the other the Best to you and yours!
  • A First time customers first I'm coming back restaurant!!

    Hey Guido, hey man, you need to check this place out man, we were first time customers and all we can comin back!! It's called Flying Pig Pub and Kitchen, in oceanside ca, at 626 S Tremont Street. all prepped that same day, utmost care, to die for combinations of the food, more than reasonable price, super service, like WOW bud, gotta check it out there California boy!!! You'd be hooked too, guranteed, thanks, Brian and Louise Campbell. It'swell worth your time man!! Aaand, bring you appetite, you'll be full when you leave. Hey, love your Camaro Rag, Classics need to last forever, right on bud.
  • Great at what he does.

    He is the male version of me. Great chef. Funny. Handsome.