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  • Trivia

    • Fieri's signature look combines below-the-knee shorts, suit jacket, arm sweat bands, and jewelry along with platinum blond, spiked hair with black Van Dyke beard, contrasting sunglass tan lines, and flip-flops. Fieri's signature phrase is "off the hook."

    • Guy has signed on to become the National Spokesperson for the Great American Dine Out in 2008.
      The historic initiative is sponsored by Washington, DC-based Share Our Strength, a national organization that works to ensure that no kid in America grows up hungry

    • In July 2008 Guy shot some pilot shows at Food Network's New York studios in front of a live audience for a fourth show, Guy Off the Hook.

    • Guy's sister, Morgan, is a vegetarian.

    • Guy's nickname is Guido.

    • Guy's parents' names are Jim & Penny. They used to own a shop in Ferndale, CA called Dave's Saddlery.

    • Guy hosts a weekly syndicated radio talk show with Marcy Smothers, vintner and wife of Tommy Smothers from the Smothers Brothers, called Food Guy and Marcy.

    • Guy Fieri named the Grand Marshal of the Toyota/Save Mart 350 NASCAR Race June 20-22, 2008.

    • Guy is of Italian descent.

    • In March 2008 Guy began promoting the "Ultimate Recipe Showdown" line of entrées at nationwide restaurant chain T.G.I. Fridays.

    • Guy has 20 pairs of one-of-a-kind tennis shoes. They are from a company called Globe and are skateboard tennis shoes called the CT-IV (after skateboarder Chet Thomas).

    • Guy has been a three-term President of the Restaurant Association of the Redwood Empire.

    • Guy started his food career at age 10, selling soft pretzels out of his 3 wheeled bicycle cart that he built with his father. It was known at the "Awesome Pretzel".

    • Guy saved up money selling pretzels so he could pay to study abroad in France for a year when he was 16.

    • Guy's professional BBQ team is named Motley Que.

    • Guy and his wife, Lori, live in Santa Rosa, California with their sons Hunter and Ryder.

    • He has broken his leg, arm, a couple ribs, his nose, and a two fingers.

    • His first car was a Datsun 280z, but he ran it into a telephone pole.

    • He think heaven is where it all comes together—life's lessons and feelings of love, happiness and understanding.

    • He considers the end of any war to be the most important event in the history of the human race.

    • His priorities are: family, fun, friends, living a full life, eating killer food, laughing a lot.

    • He used to ride and show horses.

    • He believes in destiny and that all things are meant to happen.

    • He is the co-owner of Johnny Garlic's California Pasta Grill in Windsor and Santa Rosa, California, as well as Tex Wasabi's in Sacramento and Santa Rosa, California and Russell Ramsay's Chop House in Santa Rosa.

    • He was awarded a six-episode commitment for his own cooking show on Food Network, called Guy's Big Bite.

    • He got a Bachelor of Science in Restaurant Administration from UNLV in 1990.

    • He was the winner of the second season of The Next Food Network Star.

  • Quotes

    • Guy Fieri: I could put this on a flip-flop and it would taste good.

    • Guy Fieri: I was 10 when my mom said, if you don't like what I'm making, then you cook, So I cooked.

    • (When asked about his trademark armband)
      Guy Fieri: The wristbands started out as a thing between me and Hunter [my son]. I gave Hunter a wristband and he gave me one, and I told him that I'd wear it while doing The Next Food Network Star so he could see it. That's why I wore it. I gave mine to Santos from the Food Network Kitchens on the night we wrapped. Now it's turned into a bigger thing. These high school kids at a recent demo I did were all wearing them. I'm trying to find a pink one for breast cancer.