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  • Well I wouldn't say, because I've seen them in person. Heard it though.

    Really I have... Okay please give me some space with this please. So I can write my "Guy Moon" Review. Thatnk You now let me begin please. Here we go,,,:

    I've just liked how he's been working on the rail road with some of my favroite shows. Nicktoons mostly. All Shows he should be proud of just going out there and working on the railroad! Why would Guy Moon just quit his job on these shows anyway if he would decide to quit? He should be given a reward and continue his hard hard hard super duper hard hard super hard hard hard hard work!moreless
  • A great singer!

    He has a great voice he can change his voice nautrally to women or man he can sing great and is very talented he only sings for cartoons but I bet one day he well get his big break and sing for a live action show or a great movie.